Beezil Linkspanner is a goblin zeppelin pilot who runs shipments for the Steamwheedle Cartel. He recently crashed his zeppelin in Dustwallow Marsh for unknown reasons, which is found at Beezil's Wreck. He left his zeppelin and cargo to save his own life. Some time after the crash it seems he had been to visit Krinkle Goodsteel in Gadgetzan to tell him that his package would be late.


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Still running from his embarrassing zeppelin crash, he can now be found at Light's Hope Chapel in the Eastern Plaguelands, where he features as one of the eight characters needed for Fiona's Caravan achievement, Full Caravan. He is standing under the tree just south of the caravan.

Note that as of Patch 4.1.0, he appears to still be bugged. He should not be the last person added to the caravan. If he is, it will require quitting the game, and possibly a lengthy wait, before receiving credit for the achievement.


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Before patch 2.3, there was no clue to how Beezil crashed, but with the addition of Combat 15 Tethyr, it's possible that the creature caused him to crash and run for his life, leaving everything behind. According to [Goodsteel Ledger], Beezil had just left Theramore, where the beast has only been spotted.

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