Bazzalan is a level 16 elite humanoid satyr found in Ragefire Chasm. Despite being a satyr, Bazzalan is classified as a humanoid which means that all spells that affect humanoids work on him including Mind Control.


Bazzalan leads the Searing Blade cultists along with Jergosh the Invoker. His motives are unclear, but like all satyr, he is a swift and cunning foe. Bazzalan is a bit tougher than the other bosses you will encounter in Ragefire Chasm. He swings fast and hits hard. However, with careful pulling, you can fight him without engaging the two Searing Blade Cultists that are standing in front of him. Bazzalan is a rogue, and he will use Sinister Strike frequently throughout the fight. He will also occasionally afflict you with a mild poison.


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Bazzalan may be difficult to find. He is on a ledge above Jergosh the Invoker. He can be reached through some of the dark ramps hidden along the walls in the immediate area.


Notable Loot:
Inv sword 18

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