This page is about The Battle for Sun's Reach. Four major stages and three sub-stages are part of the process in capturing the Isle of Quel'Danas. Completing daily quests for the Shattered Sun Offensive leads to the completion of the stages. As stages are completed, more NPCs appear and more quests are available.

The Sha'tar have combined the Aldor and Scryer forces to form the Shattered Sun Offensive to combat the growing threat of the Burning Legion on the Isle of Quel'Danas. Their first objective is to take the Blood elf port town of Sun's Reach by force. Adventurer's sympathetic with the Shattered Sun Offensive's goals will be recruited to take Sun's Reach in stages with the goal of re-establishing a foothold against the Legion there.

Each stage has multiple objectives completed primarily by adventurers repeatedly completing related daily quests to reach the objective. Shattered Sun Offensive representatives will also give status on the progress toward each objective.

Stage 1 primary: Taking Sun’s Reach Sanctum

The first arriving adventurers on the Isle of Quel'Danas will find the Shattered Sun Offensive's advance forces have already taken a small building on the north end of Sun's Reach and named it the Shattered Sun Staging Area. The first step of the battle is to take the Sun's Reach Sanctum to the south. To do this a realm's adventurers must complete the following two lead-in daily quests to start the recurring dailies:

Stage 2 primary: Taking Sun’s Reach Armory

After controlling the Sun's Reach Sanctum, the Shattered Sun Offensive next target the Sun's Reach Armory for takeover. The armory is a vital target that will house the many of the Sun's Reach item vendors (primarily Exotic Gear Purveyors). To take the armory adventurers must complete these two dailies many times:

  • Neutral 15 [70DailyThe Battle for the Sun's Reach Armory — Defeat 6 of any form of demon (Combat 15 [70 - 71] Abyssal Flamewalker, Combat 15 [72] Emissary of Hate, Combat 15 [70] Irespeaker, or Combat 15 [70 - 71] Unleashed Hellion) at the Dawning Square south of Sun's Reach. You must also plant the Inv brd banner [Shattered Sun Banner] in the corpse of the Emissary of Hate, a large demon that emerges from the portal (marked by a shimmering green curtain of magic) at the center of the Dawning Square. Anyone may plant the banner on the corpse even if they did not kill the emissary themselves. When this stage is complete this becomes the daily quest Neutral 15 [70DailyThe Battle Must Go On.
  • Neutral 15 [70DailyDistraction at the Dead Scar — A basic bombing run mission to bombard the demons inhabiting the Dead Scar. Speak with the Dragonhawk Master Ayren Cloudbreaker to undertake your run. (Combat 15 Wrath Enforcers and (Combat 15 Eredar Sorcerers require one hit, and the strongest demons the (Combat 15 Pit Overlords will take two bombs to defeat. If another player has injured one of the demons you may not receive credit for finishing it off. This quest often requires a second bombing run to complete all of the objectives. When this stage is complete this becomes the daily quest Neutral 15 [70DailyThe Air Strikes Must Continue. It's highly suggested you group up with other players to complete this quest; less competition between everyone and quicker kills makes everyone a happy camper.

Stage 2 secondary: Activating the Portal from Shattrath

Once the Sanctum gains significant energy, it may be used to focus a magical portal. However, the portal itself must first be constructed and supplied. Speak with Neutral 15 Exarch Nasuun in Shattrath City's Terrace of Light to begin daily quests to build the new gateway.

The portal only functions one-way taking players from Shattrath City to the Isle of Quel'Danas. To return players may use Inv scroll 02 [Darnarian's Scroll of Teleportation] rewarded from the daily quest Neutral 15 [70DailyKnow Your Ley Lines. Because it is a daily you may only receive one scroll per day, so make sure to use it wisely.

Stage 3 primary: Taking Sun’s Reach Harbor

The final area of Sun's Reach to reclaim is Sun's Reach Harbor and prevent further reinforcements from landing. It includes the large, three-story building on the east side of Sun's Reach as well as the Blood Elf ship, the Silvermoon's Pride, that is docked in the harbor. Once taken the harbor will provide the remaining amenities of a town such as an innkeeper, mailbox, stable master, poison supplier, and additional reputation vendors. Here is the set of daily quests required to complete this stage:

Stage 3 secondary: Constructing the Anvil

Smith Hauthaa at the Sun's Reach Armory will be able to repair weapons and armor as well as sell the new Spell holy championsbond [Badge of Justice] rewards, but to do these she will need a proper forge and anvil. Speak with her to accept her daily quest that will allow you to gather materials for the new anvil.

Stage 4 primary: Restocking the Alchemist

With Sun's Reach under complete control of the Shattered Sun Offensive, there are only a few remaining tasks to establish the town. Inside the harbor building are an alchemist and a jewelcrafting vendor that are currently closed for business. Mar'nah <Alchemist> offers a daily quest to restock her supplies.

Stage 4 secondary: Building the Memorial

Anchorite Ayuri in the center of Sun's Reach would like to build a war memorial honoring those who lost their lives in the battle. To build her memorial she offers a daily quest to accept donations from the server.

  • Neutral 15 [70DailyA Charitable Donation — For a donation of 10Gold Anchorite Ayuri will reward you with 150 Shattered Sun Offensive reputation. After the memorial has been built you may continue donating gold for reputation for the daily quest Neutral 15 [70DailyYour Continued Support.

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