The Bashal'Aran quest chain is a relatively short series of quests involving a shrine as yet untouched by the demonic forces in the area.


Alliance 15 [12] Bashal'Aran

Thundris Windweaver in Auberdine has heard reports of a strange blue aura around a shrine in the ruins of Bashal'Aran. While minor demons have overrun the area, they aren't touching this shrine, and Thundris would like you to investigate.

Alliance 15 [12] Bashal'Aran (2)

You travel to the shrine, and discover Asterion, a ghost who has been trapped in the shrine by an Ancient Moonstone Seal. Asterion asks your help to find the seal, the first step of which is to gather earrings from the sprites and grells inhabiting the ruins.

Alliance 15 [13] Bashal'Aran (3)

Asterion casts his spells on the earrings and finds that while the grells do not have the seal, they have been in contact with it recently. Knowing demons, he suspects that one of the more powerful Satyrs nearby must have it.

And it proves to be so. You slay a number of the Satyrs (a good work of its own) until you find the one that has possession of the seal.

Alliance 15 [13] Bashal'Aran (4)

Returning to Asterion, the ghost is pleased to find that his immurement may finally be coming to an end. He asks you to travel south to Ameth'Aran, where persists an ancient blue flame that can destroy the seal.

There are the spirits of the highborne all throughout the ruins, and you have to destroy a few to make it to the flame Asterion told you about. You destroy the seal as Asterion instructed you, and return to the shrine.

Asterion thanks you for his freedom, and mentions that he had been imprisoned there since before the Great Sundering.


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  1. Alliance 15 [12] Bashal'Aran
  2. Alliance 15 [12] Bashal'Aran
  3. Alliance 15 [13] Bashal'Aran
  4. Alliance 15 [13] Bashal'Aran

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