Bartram Haller is a human located in The Arsenal Absolute in Dalaran. He sells daggers , fist weapons and thrown weapons.

Pointer repair on 32x32 This vendor offers a repair service.

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Vendor Edit

Inv throwingknife 07
[Lillehoff's Winged Blades]
15 Spell holy proclaimchampion
Inv throwingknife 03
[Dalaran Dart]
11Gold 93Silver 94Copper
Inv weapon hand 06
50 Spell holy proclaimchampion
Inv gauntlets 11
[Dalaran Knuckles]
15Gold 80Silver 15Copper
Inv weapon shortblade 88
[Rolfsen's Ripper]
50 Spell holy proclaimchampion
Inv weapon shortblade 05
[Dalaran Dagger]
15Gold 27Silver 32Copper

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