Barthamus is a level 73 quest giver located in the Lower City in the Shattrath City. He is a nether dragon disguising himself as a high elf, and claims he was the first nether dragon born.

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He stands in the northern end of Lower City near a group of different colored nether drakes. These drakes will all have quests after completing "Lord Illidan Stormrage," but the player can only pick one to get a mount from:

The mounts that you do not choose can be purchased at Netherwing Ledge for 200g ( 160g after exalted reputation discount)

Quest Mount
Neutral 15 [70] Jorus the Cobalt Netherwing Drake [Reins of the Cobalt Netherwing Drake]
Neutral 15 [70] Malfas the Purple Netherwing Drake [Reins of the Purple Netherwing Drake]
Neutral 15 [70] Onyxien the Onyx Netherwing Drake [Reins of the Onyx Netherwing Drake]
Neutral 15 [70] Suraku the Azure Netherwing Drake [Reins of the Azure Netherwing Drake]
Neutral 15 [70] Voranaku the Violet Netherwing Drake [Reins of the Violet Netherwing Drake]
Neutral 15 [70] Zoya the Veridian Netherwing Drake [Reins of the Veridian Netherwing Drake]

Memorable Quotes

  • "I was the first, you know. The abandoned child of a monster... "

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