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This article or section contains lore taken from the Warcraft manga or comics.

Baron Valimar Mordis ruled a small barony somewhere in the Alterac Mountains. It had been overrun by the Scourge during the Third War. The barony has at least two castles: one retreat was located high up in the snow covered peaks of the mountains, and another was located in a more alpine region on the cliffs of the mountains. A village existed around the base of the alpine palace, and lead to a verdant valley covered in grasses. Dwarves moved into his lands, high into the mountain peaks, to mine for resources to fight the Scourge.


It's unknown if Mordis is Valimar's real name. Since prefix of his last name, "mor" comes from the word meaning death, it is more than likely it was a name he took up after becoming Forsaken. In which case his Barony would actually have had a different name, when he was alive.

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