Not to be confused with Barnes (Cycle of Hatred).

Barnes is the spectral Stage Manager who announces the Opera Event in Karazhan. Barnes announces the night's presentation. One of three boss presentations will appear, each based on famous stories or tales.

See Karazhan NPCs.


Red Riding Hood — Starring as the hungry Big Bad Wolf himself.

'Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to this evening's presentation!'
'Tonight, things are not what they seem, for tonight, your eyes may not be trusted.'
'Take for instance this quiet, elderly woman, waiting for a visit from her granddaughter. Surely there is nothing to fear from this sweet, gray-haired old lady.'
'But don't let me pull the wool over your eyes. See for yourself what lies beneath those covers. And now: On with the show!'

Wizard of Oz — Starring Dorothee and her dog Tito, Tinhead, Strawman, the lion Roar, and the Crone that tries to stop them on their way home!

'Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to this evening's presentation!'
'Tonight, we plumb the depths of the human soul as we join a lost, lonely girl trying desperately, with the help of her loyal companions, to find her way home.'
'But she is pursued by a wicked, malevolent crone!'
'Will she survive? Will she prevail? Only time will tell. And now: On with the show!'

Romulo and Julianne — A tale of forbidden love...

'Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to this evening's presentation!'
'Tonight we explore a tale of forbidden love!'
'But beware, for not all love stories end happily. As you may find out, sometimes love pricks like a thorn.'
'But don't take it from me. See for yourself what tragedy lies ahead when the paths of star-crossed lovers meet. And now: On with the show!'


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He may be related to Johan Barnes.

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