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Bane spiders are big spiders, almost four feet in diameter, and have a chalky black coloring. Their mandibles snap hungrily as they skitter forward. Many assume that these arachnids, native to the Azjol-Nerub area of Northrend, are creations of the Scourge. Tales tell of bane spiders from long before, however. Whatever the case, bane spiders have a taste for humans, orcs, and livestock. Nests can be found near settlements and along roads. Bane spiders carefully cover up corpses for later feeding, which also hides them from potential victims.

Bane spiders swarm quickly over a victim, biting and then retreating behind cover. They are attracted to holy characters such as paladins, preferring to attack them first. This attraction is related to their unholy power, as the spiders show no real awareness beyond this one expression of intent.[1]

Bane spiders can regenerate their health due to the power of undeath within them, although damage from blessed weapons or attacks based on holy energy does not regenerate. Bane spiders are not truly undead, yet the power that flows through them renders them vulnerable to all spells and effects that "target undead", as well as those that "target vermin".


  • Bane spider
  • Brood mother spider
    Brood mother spiders can cast animate dead and have undead servants.[1]


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These creatures are mostly likely the bone spiders found in the same areas.


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