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[[Category:Game Terms]]
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An item that can be applied to the using character or a friendly target (player character or their pet) that restores health over a period of time depending on the type of bandage.

Additional info:

  • Bandaging has a cooldown timer after you use it before you can use it again.
  • Bandaging is a channeling effect. Taking damage while bandaging, be it from a direct attack or a DoT, will severely reduce the amount healed.

Most bandages are made using the First Aid profession. Some bandages are quest items.

Examples of bandages:


These tips are mostly for classes without any other healing ability.

  • You can bandage another player in combat even if they're under attack, just as long as you are not.
  • Its a close fight. Health is low and healing potions are not an option. You need healing or you're going to die. Your escape path is blocked. What do you do? stun/root/sheep or otherwise render your enemy unable to attack you and then bandage.
  • Beware, DoTs will interrupt a bandaging attempt, so don't use while under a DoT because it will still start the cooldown timer for bandaging and prevent you from using it if you need it soon after.
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