Ban Hammer
Inv engineering autohammer
  • Pet type humanoid Ban Hammer
  • 100% accuracy
  • Clobbers the enemy with a nerf, dealing 32 Humanoid damage.
  • Battle pet strength vs. Pet type dragonkin
  • Battle pet weakness vs. Pet type beast
Usable by
TypePet type humanoid Humanoid
Battle pet strength      vs.Pet type dragonkin Dragonkin
Battle pet weakness      vs.Pet type beast Beast

Used by

Battle Pets

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  • The name of this ability is a reference to a meme; it is the nickname given to a variety of banning tools utilized by moderators on forums and in MMOs.
  • The flavor text of the ability is a further reference. "Nerf" is a term referring to the reduction of power or strength related to an ability, mob or boss, and a common complaint issued against Blizzard is that they commonly "nerf" content, making it easier for more casual players to attempt and succeed at.

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