Balgaras the Foul is a level 31 dwarf warlock who haunts the northern Wetlands and is reputed to be one of the leaders of the Dark Iron Dwarves. Longbraid the Grim wants Balgaras killed. Balgaras is completely immune to shadow spells, so Affliction Warlocks and Shadow Priests may find this quest difficult without help. To make finding him easier, a hunter or warlock can track or sense his demon familiar.

Prior to Patch 2.3, Balgaras was elite.


WoW-comic-logo-16x68 Balgaras the Foul was leading a group of Dark Irons which seized control of Thandol Span. They also held Hjalmar Anvilmar captive. When Varian Wrynn, Thargas Anvilmar, Valeera Sanguinar and Broll Bearmantle reached the span they fought the Dark Iron dwarves. Balgaras was about to melt the Crown of the Anvilmars on Hjalmar's head, but Thargas cut his hand and freed his brother. However, with his other hand Balgaras tried to blow an explosive, which was prevented by Hjalmar. Both of them died by the explosion, but Hjalmar succeeded to prevent the destruction of Thandol Span.




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