Baelmon the Hound-Master is in charge of the summoning of Wrath Hounds in Blade's Edge Mountains, resides at Death's Door. Appears to be the replacement of Hakkar the Houndmaster.


He has multiple quotes he can yell on aggro:

  • "Prepare yourself for eternal torture, mortal!"
  • "WHAT?! Who dares to disturb the Burning Legion?"
  • "I shall enjoy the smell of the grease from your marrow crackling over the fire!"
  • "Nothing will prevent your doom!"
  • "You DARE to attack me?!"
  • "You will suffer slowly until the end of time for this affront!"

Yells as he pulls a Wrath Hound from the portal:

  • "Now, proceed to the translocator. Forge Camp Wrath awaits your arrival!"

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Baelmon the Hound-Master

Baelmon summoning hounds.

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