A Baby Murloc is exactly what it sounds like it is, a small murloc with infantile features (a buck tooth (representing an egg tooth?)). It can be noted that the baby murlocs also posess a small tail, a feature adults lose, giving birth to the speculation that Murloc larvae are purely aquatic, but as the individual grows his water-adapted features gradually disappear, making him more capable of living on land.

Baby murloc quest objectEdit

Baby Murloc is the object of Horde 15 [62] Have You Ever Seen One of These?, a murloc that was brought to Zangarmarsh by Witch Doctor Tor'gash since the murlocs don't exist in Outland. Tor'gash wants to give the Lost Ones a gift by sending these baby murlocs to them at Daggerfen Village. They're kept in a [Murloc Cage] till ready to be released.

Baby murloc companionsEdit

There are (currently) three limited availability baby murloc Companion, Murky (blue), Gurky (pink), and Lurky (white).

(There are also green, orange and purple skins for baby murlocs in the game files.)

As companions, they do not aid you in battle. They occasionally burst into dance, complete with top hat and cane, in an amusing tribute to the character Michigan J. Frog. To listen to the baby murloc singing download this MP3.

Both factions have a sample of the blue baby murloc small pet, Murky (labeled Murky), available. The Alliance sample is near the pond in The Forlorn Cavern section in Ironforge, and the Horde sample is on the dock in the fishing pond in the Valley of Honor section in Orgrimmar.

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