For the pet spider of Spider-Handler Sarus, see Baby (spider).

Left-right, top/bottom: Baby troll, baby human, baby dwarf, baby orc, baby gnome, baby tauren, and baby night elf

Babies are newborns of races that are not yet children.

There is an area of Nagrand hidden high in the mountains and only reachable with flight, where someone named Challe runs a daycare center called 'Challe's Home For Little Tykes'. The daycare center can be found north of the Laughing Skull Ruins in a small valley in the mountain range.

The most fascinating feature of this nursery is without comparison, the babies found there.

With the introduction of Outland Children's Week in Patch 2.1, the babies appear in the Shattrath orphanage, making them no longer a unique easter egg.

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