This addon allows Horde and Alliance to talk with each other. The way it works is you talk using the commands:

 to talk in "say":  /bf Hi there everyone!
 to talk in "yell":  /bfy Yo, what's up!

Your message will be translated into gibberish and then sent in the "say" or "yell" channels. The gibberish is special though, and anyone with the addon will understand what you said regardless if they are Horde or Alliance.

Q) Are Interface AddOns which allow inter-racial communication violations?

Blizzard> Yes, this violates the "Malicious UI Modifications" of the "Exploitation and Client/Server Manipulation Policy" in that allowing Cross-faction communication gives an unfair advantage over other players who are not able to do so, and that this is an intended core game mechanic.

Despite the "Disallowed" status, the addon is still widely used on some servers.

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