Babbling Cultists can be found within the catacombs of the Cathedral of Light[53, 42]
in Stormwind while Alliance players are on the introductory quests to the Twilight Highlands. They generally mill about the catacombs, babbling to themselves or each other.


Fear broils forth from the heart of the infinite... Don't make me look! I've seen more than I can stand!
Gillari, geth'shar. Gillari, teko'shar. It sees. It knows.
My eyes are opened, yet they see only black.
Nothing, nothing, we are nothing. The grasper touches our hearts and clenches his fist.
Shethnoth, ol'goth, grell. Such is the mantra of those who come.
The harbinger has come. The world heaves.
The shadow sees. Bal'qwari Og Shadar. The end comes!
The sun eclipses. Darkness crawls through earth and ash. The seas are as blood...

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