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Healing druids can wear leather gear. This page lists the gear they might want to wear. They can also wear cloth and BC healing equipment (cloth) describes that well. If you are looking for Wrath of the Lich King gear try Wrath healing equipment (leather). If you're curious about various druid healing styles, you should look at Restoration Builds. If you're a full-restoration (i.e. Tree) druid, you'll want more spirit on your gear. If you're a balance/restoration hybrid, you'll want more intellect on your gear.

Raid Healing Gear Overview

This portrays a raiding perspective. Priorities for Heroics, PvP and Arena may be different.

  • Regen is the arguably most important stat for you to work on first. It will serve you better in both high-octane fights and endurance fights (in the situations where healers get strained). This doesn't mean you should completely ignore other stats, it just means you should work on getting a high Regen first (and then you can min/max other stats). +Healing is your power, regen is your endurance.
  • +Healing is the second most important stat for you. Some people could argue that +healing is MORE important, but it depends on your role in your guild and your progression level. With the addition of so many free pots and so much free gold, chain chugging pots isn't an issue any more. Once you have enough regen/potions to maintain your mana pool then by all means start stacking the +healing.
  • Mp5 is generally preferable to spirit. However remember not to rule out spirit completely, as it not only gives your Innervate more kick, but makes your ToL buff more potent. For more information on the Spirit vs Mp5 battle, read the Spirit vs. Mana/5 debate. It is wise to consider spirit whilst choosing gear.


Item Heal Mp5 Sockets Notes
[Exorcist's Dragonhide Helm]+37-UI-EmptySocket-Meta 18 Spirit Shards - Terokkar Forest
[Raven-Heart Headdress]+35+2UI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-BlueUI-EmptySocket-BlueAuchenai Crypts - Shirrak the Dead Watcher
[Druidic Helmet of Second Sight]+35+4UI-EmptySocket-YellowUI-EmptySocket-BlueUI-EmptySocket-BlueQuest reward from Teron Gorefiend, I am...
[Crown of the Forest Lord] +68--The Underbog (heroic) - Swamplord Musel'ek
[Moonglade Cowl] (D3)+53-UI-EmptySocket-BlueUI-EmptySocket-MetaThe Botanica - Warp Splinter
[Hood of Primal Life]+68--Leatherworking BoE
[Crown of Malorne] (T4)+68+10UI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-MetaKarazhan - Prince Malchezaar
[Gladiator's Kodohide Helm] (A1)+75+6UI-EmptySocket-YellowUI-EmptySocket-MetaPvP: 14,500 Pvpcurrency-honor-both30 Alterac valley mark of honor
[Cowl of Nature's Breath]+92--Gruul's Lair - Gruul the Dragonkiller
[Merciless Gladiator's Kodohide Helm] (A2)+81+7UI-EmptySocket-YellowUI-EmptySocket-MetaArena
[Helm of Natural Regeneration]+86(+95)-UI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-YellowUI-EmptySocket-BlueZul'Aman
[Vengeful Gladiator's Kodohide Helm] (A3)+90+8UI-EmptySocket-YellowUI-EmptySocket-MetaArena
[Wonderheal XT40 Shades]+106-UI-EmptySocket-MetaUI-EmptySocket-BlueEngineering BoP
[Nordrassil Headguard] (T5)+103+8UI-EmptySocket-YellowUI-EmptySocket-MetaSerpentshrine Cavern - Lady Vashj
[Guise of the Tidal Lurker]+103+15UI-EmptySocket-MetaUI-EmptySocket-RedBlack Temple - High Warlord Naj'entus
[Thunderheart Helmet] (T6)+117+8UI-EmptySocket-BlueUI-EmptySocket-Meta(Tier 6) Hyjal Summit - Archimonde


Item Heal Int Spirit Mp5 Sockets Notes
[Heartblood Prayer Beads]+3115-4-Hellfire Ramparts - Omor the Unscarred
[Living Ruby Pendant]+3515-6-Jewelcrafting - 355 (design)
[Choker of Fluid Thought]+351717--The Arcatraz - Harbinger Skyriss
[Sethekk Oracle's Focus]+3519-8-Sethekk Halls - quest
[Ogre Slayer's Pendant]+3717---Quest Reward - Cho'war the Pillager
[Swampstone Necklace]+401518--The Underbog (heroic) - Swamplord Musel'ek
[A'dal's Recovery Necklace]+51----Quest Reward - Harbinger of Doom
[Necklace of Resplendent Hope]+53--9-Old Hillsbrad Foothills (heroic) - Epoch Hunter
[Natasha's Guardian Cord]+5510-6-Quest Reward - The Hound-Master
[Karja's Medallion]+551510--Quest Reward - Shutting Down Manaforge Ara
[Gezzarak's Fang]+5715-4-Gezzarak the Huntress - Terokkar Forest
[Shining Chain of the Afterworld]+462119--Karazhan - Netherspite
[Teeth of Gruul]+4621198-Gruul's Lair - Gruul the Dragonkiller
[Necklace of Eternal Hope]+4820-4-Badge of Justice Reward: 25 Badge of justice
[Vindicator's Pendant of Salvation]+5116-6UI-EmptySocket-YellowPvP: 15,300 Pvpcurrency-honor-both10 Eye of the storm mark of honor
[Guardian's Pendant of Salvation]+5719-7UI-EmptySocket-YellowPvP: 15,300 Pvpcurrency-honor-both10 Eye of the storm mark of honor
[Sin'dorei Pendant of Salvation]+6419-8UI-EmptySocket-BlueSunwell Plateau - Eredar Twins
[Emberspur Talisman]+66--11-Karazhan - Nightbane
[Shattered Sun Pendant of Restoration]+70--7-Shattered Sun Offensive - exalted reward
Also has a +heal proc
[Brooch of the Highborne]+7022-9-Sunwell Plateau - Felmyst
[Archaic Charm of Presence]+7523---Shadowmoon Valley - Doomwalker
[Brooch of Nature's Mercy]+752419--Zul'Aman - Akil'zon
[Lord Sanguinar's Claim]+7919-7-The Eye - Verdant Sphere Quest Reward
[Nadina's Pendant of Purity]+7914-8-Black Temple - Mother Shahraz


Item Heal Mp5 Sockets Notes
[Ravenwing Pauldrons]+26-UI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-YellowEscape from Durnholde Keep - Lieutenant Drake
[Moonglade Shoulders] (D3)+29-UI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-RedThe Steamvault - Warlord Kalithresh
[Mantle of Autumn]+46--The Botanica - Laj
[Gladiator's Kodohide Spaulders] (A1)+46+4UI-EmptySocket-YellowUI-EmptySocket-RedPvP: 11,250 Pvpcurrency-honor-both20 Arathi basin mark of honor
[Forest Wind Shoulderpads]+66--Karazhan - The Curator
[Merciless Gladiator's Kodohide Spaulders] (A2)+51+4UI-EmptySocket-YellowUI-EmptySocket-RedArena
[Shoulderguards of Malorne] (T4)+68+5UI-EmptySocket-BlueUI-EmptySocket-BlueGruul's Lair - High King Maulgar
[Gnarled Ironwood Pauldrons]+73-UI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-YellowBadge of Justice rewards - 60 Badge of justice
[Nordrassil Life-Mantle] (T5)+77+6UI-EmptySocket-BlueUI-EmptySocket-BlueThe Eye - Void Reaver
[Shoulderpads of Renewed Life]+81--Leatherworking BoP
[Veil of Turning Leaves]+84--Black Temple - Illidari Council
[Runetotem's Mantle]+101--Serpentshrine Cavern - Lady Vashj
[Thunderheart Spaulders] (T6)+86+7UI-EmptySocket-BlueUI-EmptySocket-BlueBlack Temple - Mother Shahraz


Item Heal Spirit Intellect Mp5 Sockets Notes
[Cloak of Healing Rays]+33+15+13--The Underbog - Ghaz'an
[Cloak of Revival]+35-+164- Mana Tombs - Tavarok
[Vicar's Cloak]+40-+187- The Shattered Halls - Horde quest
[Mantle of Vivification]+40-+187- The Shattered Halls - Alliance quest
[Cloak of Whispering Shells]+40-+164- The Steamvault - Hydromancer Thespia
[White Remedy Cape]+59--7-Tailoring BoE (pattern)
[Deathwing Brood Cloak]+40-+18-- Crafted from specific dragon drops in Blade's Edge Mountains
[Avian Cloak of Feathers]+42+12+185-Sethekk Halls - Talon King Ikiss
[Cloak of Scintillating Auras]+42+18+16--The Arcatraz - Zereketh the Unbound
[Cloak of the Everliving]+53--9- Hellfire Ramparts (heroic) - Watchkeeper Gargolmar
[Apexis Cloak]+57-+15-- Ogri'la - revered
[Lifegiving Cloak]+64-+125-BoE world drop
[Bishop's Cloak]+46-+178-Badge of Justice Reward: 25 Badge of justice
[Light-Touched Stole of Altruism]+55-+21--Auchenai Crypts (heroic) - Exarch Maladaar
[Red Riding Hood's Cloak]+48-+227-Karazhan - Big Bad Wolf
[Stainless Cloak of the Pure Hearted]+53-+237-Karazhan - Prince Malchezaar
[Cloak of Ancient Rituals]+51-+20--Zul'Aman - Hex Lord Malacrass
[Kharmaa's Shroud of Hope]+51-+156-Badge of Justice Reward: 60 Badge of justice
[Sunshower Light Cloak]+77+20+24--The Eye - Kael'thas Sunstrider
[Shroud of Forgiveness]+79+20+19--Black Temple - Gurtogg Bloodboil
[Shroud of the Final Stand]+64-+22+11-Black Temple - Trash mobs
[Shroud of the Higborne]+68-+23--Black Temple - Illidan Stormrage
[Shroud of Redeemed Souls]+73-+2413-Sunwell Plateau - Eredar Twins


Item Heal Mp5 Sockets Notes
[Living Crystal Breastplate]+55(+84)--Leatherworking BoP
[Lifewarden's Breastplate]+64-- Neutral 15 [67] Destroy Naberius!
[Moonglade Robe] (D3)+55-UI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-YellowUI-EmptySocket-BlueThe Mechanar - Pathaleon the Calculator
[Raiments of Nature's Breath]+75+7-Hellfire Ramparts (heroic) - Vazruden
[Windhawk Hauberk]+42(+74)-UI-EmptySocket-BlueUI-EmptySocket-YellowUI-EmptySocket-BlueLeatherworking BoP
[Gladiator's Kodohide Tunic] (A1)+75+6UI-EmptySocket-YellowUI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-RedPvP: 14,500 Pvpcurrency-honor-both30 Arathi basin mark of honor
[Stonebough Jerkin]+77+9-Karazhan - Nightbane
[Merciless Gladiator's Kodohide Tunic] (A2)+79+7UI-EmptySocket-YellowUI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-RedArena
[Chestguard of Malorne] (T4)+88-UI-EmptySocket-YellowUI-EmptySocket-BlueUI-EmptySocket-BlueMagtheridon's Lair - Magtheridon
[Gnarled Chestpiece of the Ancients]+110--Serpentshrine Cavern - Morogrim Tidewalker
[Nordrassil Chestguard] (T5)+103-UI-EmptySocket-BlueUI-EmptySocket-BlueUI-EmptySocket-BlueThe Eye - Kael'thas Sunstrider
[Don Rodrigo's Poncho]+118--Hyjal Summit - Azgalor
[Thunderheart Tunic] (T6)+117+8UI-EmptySocket-YellowUI-EmptySocket-BlueUI-EmptySocket-BlueBlack Temple - Illidan Stormrage


Item Heal Mp5 Sockets Notes
[Lucid Dream Bracers]+37--Mana-Tombs (heroic) - Nexus-Prince Shaffar
[Vindicator's Kodohide Bracers]+407UI-EmptySocket-RedPvP: 11,794 Pvpcurrency-honor-both20 Warsong gulch mark of honor
[Windhawk Bracers]+31(+47)-UI-EmptySocket-YellowLeatherworking BoP
[Grove-Bands of Remulos]+68--Serpentshrine Cavern - The Lurker Below
[Bracers of Renewed Life]+64--Leatherworking BoE
[Rejuvenating Bracers]+64-UI-EmptySocket-YellowHyjal Summit - Rage Winterchill


Item Heal Mp5 Sockets Notes
[Moonglade Handwraps] (D3)+40--Shadow Labyrinth - Blackheart the Inciter
[Gloves of Preservation]+53--Shattered Halls - Alliance 15 [67] Fel Embers
[Natural Mender's Wraps]+55--Auchenai Crypts (heroic) - Quest reward
[Cryo-mitts]+57--Mana Tombs - Neutral 15 [64] Someone Else's Hard Work Pays Off
[Gladiator's Kodohide Gloves] (A1)+62+6-PvP: 10,500 Pvpcurrency-honor-both20 Alterac valley mark of honor
[Merciless Gladiator's Kodohide Gloves] (A2)+73+7-Arena
[Gloves of the Living Touch]+77--Leatherworking BoE
[Mitts of the Treemender]+64-UI-EmptySocket-BlueUI-EmptySocket-YellowKarazhan - Maiden of Virtue
[Handguards of Malorne] (T4)+62+7-Karazhan - The Curator
[Bark-Gloves of Ancient Wisdom]+73--The Eye - trash mobs
[Nordrassil Gloves] (T5)+77+9-Serpentshrine Cavern - Leotheras the Blind
[Botanist's Gloves of Growth]+84-UI-EmptySocket-BlueUI-EmptySocket-YellowBlack Temple - Teron Gorefiend
[Thunderheart Gloves] (T6)+86+7UI-EmptySocket-BlueHyjal Summit - Azgalor


Item Heal Mp5 Sockets Notes
[The Sleeper's Cord]+53--The Arcatraz - Wrath-Scryer Soccothrates
[Cord of Nature's Sustenance]+64+6-Karazhan - Terestian Illhoof
[Windhawk Belt]+42(+65)-UI-EmptySocket-BlueUI-EmptySocket-YellowLeatherworking BoP
[Girdle of Zaetar]+73-UI-EmptySocket-BlueUI-EmptySocket-BlueThe Eye - Void Reaver
[Vindicator's Kodohide Belt]+759-PvP: 17,850 Pvpcurrency-honor-both40 Arathi basin mark of honor
[Belt of Primal Majesty]+84--Black Temple - Gurtogg Bloodboil


Item Heal Mp5 Sockets Notes
[Kilt of the Night Strider]+33+6UI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-BlueBlood Furnace - Broggok
[Earthsoul Britches]+73--Slave Pens (heroic) - Quagmirran
[Moonglade Pants] (D3)+55--Opening the Dark Portal - Aeonus
[Pants of Living Growth]+77+6-World Drop BoE
[Earthsoul Leggings]+81-UI-EmptySocket-YellowUI-EmptySocket-BlueUI-EmptySocket-BlueKarazhan - Opera Event
[Legguards of Malorne] (T4)+84+10-Gruul's Lair - Gruul the Dragonkiller
[Gladiator's Kodohide Legguards] (A1)+84+10-PvP: 14,500 Pvpcurrency-honor-both30 Warsong gulch mark of honor
[Merciless Gladiator's Kodohide Legguards] (A2)+92+12-Arena
[Nordrassil Life-Kilt] (T5)+101+11UI-EmptySocket-BlueSerpentshrine Cavern - Fathom-Lord Karathress
[Thunderheart Legguards] (T6)+117+11UI-EmptySocket-BlueBlack Temple - Illidari Council
[Kilt of Immortal Nature]+118+10UI-EmptySocket-BlueUI-EmptySocket-YellowUI-EmptySocket-BlueBlack Temple - Shade of Akama


Item Heal Mp5 Sockets Notes
[Swift Cenarion Footwear]+37--Neutral 15 [58] Leader of the Darkcrest
[Uvuros Hide Boots]+35+4-Neutral 15 [67] Wanted: Uvuros, Scourge of Shadowmoon
[Boots of the Glade-Keeper]+53--The Mechanar - Cache of the Legion
[Forestlord Striders]+55-UI-EmptySocket-BlueUI-EmptySocket-BlueKarazhan - Chess Event
[Gold-Leaf Wildboots]+86-UI-EmptySocket-YellowUI-EmptySocket-BlueDoom Lord Kazzak
[Orca-Hide Boots]+73-UI-EmptySocket-BlueUI-EmptySocket-BlueSerpentshrine Cavern - Leotheras the Blind
[Vindicator's Kodohide Boots]+759-PvP: 17,850 Pvpcurrency-honor-both40 Eye of the storm mark of honor
[Enchanted Leather Sandals]+84--Hyjal Summit - Anetheron


Item Heal Int Mp5 Sockets Notes
[Heirloom Signet of Convalescence]+44+11--Quest - The Shadow Tomb
[Azure Moonstone Ring]+57---Jewelcrafting BoE
[Signet of Repose]+26+18--The Blood Furnace - Broggok (heroic)
[Keeper's Ring of Piety]+42-7-Opening the Dark Portal (Black Morass) - quest
[Violet Signet]+42+18--Violet Eye - friendly
[Celestial Jewel Ring]+55+134-Netherstorm - quest
[Ancestral Band]+57+154-Thrallmar - Revered reward
[Ring of Convalescence]+57+154-Honor Hold - Revered reward
[Cosmic Lifeband]+57-7-The Mechanar - Nethermancer Sepethrea
[Ring of Fabled Hope]+591211-Underbog - The Black Stalker (heroic)
[Spiritualist's Mark of the Sha'tar]+64---Shadowmoon - quest
[Veteran's Band of Salvation]+44+175-PvP: 11,934 Pvpcurrency-honor-both10 Alterac valley mark of honor
[Mender's Heart-Ring]+44+21--Karazhan - Terestian Illhoof
[Violet Signet]+46+21--Violet Eye - honored
[Witches Band]+46+216-Headless Horseman during Hallows End only
[Band of Halos]+46+216-

Badge of Justice Reward: 25 Badge of justice

[Band of the Vigilant]+46---Serpentshrine Cavern - Morogrim Tidewalker
[Violet Signet]+51+22--Violet Eye - revered
[Vindicator's Band of Salvation]+51+206-PvP: 15,300 Pvpcurrency-honor-both10 Alterac valley mark of honor
[Violet Signet of the Grand Restorer]+55+23--Violet Eye - Exalted reward
[Naaru Lightwarden's Band]+55+258-Magtheridon's Head - Quest reward
[Phoenix-Ring of Rebirth]+55+2410-The Eye - Al'ar
[Signet of the Quiet Forest]+62178-Zul'Aman - Timed Chest Event
[Ring of Calming Waves]+64+27--Black Temple - High Warlord Naj'entus
[Band of the Eternal Restorer]+64+2510-Scale of the Sands - Exalted reward
[Anveena's Touch]+66+19+11-Smith Hauthaa - 60 Badge of justice
[Jade Ring of the Everliving]+68-12-Karazhan - Prince Malchezaar
[Blessed Band of Karabor]+73+206-Black Temple - trash mobs
[Coral Band of the Revived]+75+14--Serpentshrine Cavern - Lady Vashj
[Ring of Flowing Light]+75---Doom Lord Kazzak


Item Heal Int Mp5 Effects Source
[Oshu'gun Relic]+53--Use: +213 healing for 20sNagrand - quest
[Heavenly Inspiration]--10Use: +238 healing for 15sNetherstorm - quest
[Vengeance of the Illidari]---Use: +220 healing for 15sHellfire Peninsula - quest
[Bangle of Endless Blessings]---Equip: Spells have a chance to allow 15% mana regeneration while casting for 15 sec.
Use: +130 spirit for 20 sec
Botanica - Warp Splinter
[Auslese's Light Channeler]+59--Use: Next Spell in 10s: -215 mana costBlood Furnace - Broggok
[Lower City Prayerbook]+70--Use: Heals cost -22 mana for 15sLower City - Revered reward
[Scarab of the Infinite Cycle]+70--Equip: Chance for haste rating +320 for 6sBlack Morass - Aeonus
[Warp-Scarab Brooch]--13Use: +282 healing for 20sMana Tombs (heroic) - Nexus-Prince Shaffar
[Xi'ri's Gift]---Equip: Improves spell critical strike rating by 32
Use: Increases healing by up to 280 for 15 sec. (1 Min Cooldown)
Sha'tar reputation reward (revered)
[Pendant of the Violet Eye]-+40-Use: Spells within 20 seconds will grant a bonus of 21 MP5 for 20 seconds (stacking)Shade of Aran - Karazhan
[Fel Reaver's Piston]--16Equip: 15% chance on direct heal to heal target for 500 over 12sThe Eye - Void Reaver
[Vial of the Sunwell]--15Equip: collects up to 2000 holy energy.
Use: Release holy energy to heal current target
Magisters' Terrace - Priestess Delrissa (heroic)
[Tome of Diabolic Remedy]--18Use: Increases healing done by up to 396 and damage done by up to 132 for all magical spells and effects.Zul'Aman - Hex Lord Malacrass
[Earring of Soulful Meditation] IconSmall Priest+66--Use: +300 Spirit for 20s. Only usable by priestsSerpentshrine Cavern - The Lurker Below  
[Ribbon of Sacrifice]+73--Use: Heals grant 10sec +30 healing buff to target. Stacks up to 5 timesKarazhan - Opera Event
[Essence of the Martyr]+84--Use: +297 healing for 20sBadge of Justice Reward: 41 Badge of justice
[Battlemaster's Perseverance]+88--Use: +1750 maximum health for 15 secBadge of Justice Reward: 75 Badge of justice or
PvP: 30,000 Pvpcurrency-honor-both40 Alterac valley mark of honor
[Memento of Tyrande]+118--Equip: On casting there is an chance for 76 mp5 for 15s.Black Temple - Illidan Stormrage
[Redeemer's Alchemist Stone]+119--Equip: Increases the effect that healing and mana potions have on the wearer by 40%.
This effect does not stack.
Crafted -Alchemy

Weapon (2H)

Item Heal Int Spirit Mp5 Sockets IconSmall Priest IconSmall Druid IconSmall Shaman IconSmall Paladin Notes
[Ironstaff of Regeneration]+143+29+35--BlipBlipBlip-Exarch Maladaar - Auchenai Crypts
[Ameer's Judgement]+194+40+27--BlipBlipBlip-Netherstorm - quest
[Staff of the Redeemer]+194+45-10-BlipBlipBlip-Quest: The Cipher of Damnation
[Staff of Divine Infusion]+194+23+50--BlipBlipBlip-BOE World Drop
[Severin's Cane]+194+40---BlipBlipBlip-Quest: Terokk's Downfall
[Serpentcrest Life-Staff]+227+27+46--BlipBlipBlip-The Steamvault - Mekgineer Steamrigger
[Epoch-Mender]+227+35-12-BlipBlipBlip-Black Morass - Temporus
[Seer's Cane]+228+46-10-BlipBlipBlip-The Scryers - Revered reward
[Nightstaff of the Everliving]+348+34+55--BlipBlipBlip-Karazhan - Nightbane
[Rod of the Blazing Light]+348+32+41-UI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-YellowUI-EmptySocket-BlueBlipBlipBlip-Magister's Terrace - Vexallus
[Exodar Life-Staff]+364+34-18UI-EmptySocket-BlueUI-EmptySocket-BlueUI-EmptySocket-YellowBlipBlipBlip-Doom Lord Kazzak
[Crystalheart Pulse-Staff]+382+50-16-BlipBlipBlip-Magtheridon's Lair - Magtheridon
[Staff of Dark Mending]+407+47-16UI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-YellowUI-EmptySocket-BlueBlipBlipBlip-Zul'Aman - timed quest
[Ethereum Life-Staff]+415+44+62--BlipBlipBlip-The Eye - High Astromancer Solarian
[Staff of Immaculate Recovery]+443+51+3514-BlipBlipBlip-Black Temple - Gurtogg Bloodboil
[Apostle of Argus]+486+59-23-BlipBlipBlip-Hyjal Summit - Archimonde
[Golden Staff of the Sin'dorei]+550+54+57-UI-EmptySocket-RedUI-EmptySocket-BlueUI-EmptySocket-BlueBlipBlipBlip-Sunwell Plateau - Kil'jaeden

Weapon (1H)

Item Heal Int Spirit Mp5 Sockets IconSmall Priest IconSmall Druid IconSmall Shaman IconSmall Paladin Notes
[Azure Lightblade]+143+13+12--BlipBlipBlip-Quest: Wanted: Durn the Hungerer
[Mogor's Anointing Club]+160+13-5-BlipBlipBlipBlipQuest: The Ring of Blood: The Final Challenge
[Ceremonial Kris]+194+20-4-BlipBlipBlip-Quest: Varedis Must Be Stopped
[Lightsworn Hammer]+227+11-8-BlipBlipBlipBlipThe Shattered Halls - Warchief Kargath Bladefist
[Runed Dagger of Solace]+227----BlipBlipBlip-The Botanica - Thorngrin the Tender
[Hammer of the Penitent]+227+16+136-BlipBlipBlipBlipThe Mechanar - Mechano-Lord Capacitus
[Dathrohan's Ceremonial Hammer]+227+14+18--BlipBlipBlipBlipOld Hillsbrad Foothills (heroic) - Captain Skarloc
[The Essence Focuser]+227--11-BlipBlipBlipBlipBoE world drop
[Battle-mace of the High Priestess]+228+13--UI-EmptySocket-RedBlipBlipBlipBlipMagisters' Terrace - Priestess Delrissa
[K'iru's Presage]+228+13+86-BlipBlipBlipBlipShattered Sun Offensive reputation reward (revered)
[Gavel of Pure Light]+299+12-8-BlipBlipBlipBlipThe Sha'tar - Exalted reward
[The Ancient Scepter of Sue-Min]+299+15-8-BlipBlipBlipBlipBoE world drop
[Hand of Eternity]+317+20-7-BlipBlipBlipBlipBlacksmithing BoE
[Shockwave Truncheon]+317--6-BlipBlipBlipBlipShadow Labyrinth (heroic) - Murmur
[Shard of the Virtuous]+348+20-6-BlipBlipBlipBlipKarazhan - Maiden of Virtue
[Gladiator's Salvation]+375+18---BlipBlipBlipBlipPvP: 25,200 Pvpcurrency-honor-both20 Eye of the storm mark of honor
[Light's Justice]+382+21+20--BlipBlipBlipBlipKarazhan - Prince Malchezaar
[Dark Blessing]+431+19---BlipBlipBlipBlipZul'Aman - Zul'jin
[Merciless Gladiator's Salvation]+423+21---BlipBlipBlipBlip

Arena: 2,739 Pvp-arenapoints-icon-16x16

[Lightfathom Scepter]+443+20-11-BlipBlipBlipBlipSerpentshrine Cavern - Lady Vashj
[Hammer of Atonement]+443+21---BlipBlipBlipBlipHyjal Summit - Kaz'rogal
[Vengeful Gladiator's Salvation]+464+23---BlipBlipBlipBlip

Arena: 3,150 Pvp-arenapoints-icon-16x16

[Gavel of Naaru Blessings]+464+28---BlipBlipBlipBlip

Smith Hauthaa: 150 Badge of justice

[Crystal Spire of Karabor]+486+15-6-BlipBlipBlipBlipBlack Temple - Illidan Stormrage
[Archon's Gavel]+500+25-10UI-EmptySocket-RedBlipBlipBlipBlipSunwell Plateau - Eredar Twins


Item Heal Int Spirit Mp5 Notes
[Unearthed Orb]+29+13-5Quest - Escaping the Tomb
[Netherwing Spiritualist's Charm]+33+15+156Quest - Quest:Ally of the Netherwing
[Lamp of Peaceful Repose]+35+18-6The Arcatraz - Dalliah the Doomsayer
[Swamplight Lantern]+40+22-6Slave Pens (heroic) - Quagmirran
[Lordaeron Medical Guide]+46+10+16-Old Hillsbrad Foothills (heroic) - Lieutenant Drake
[Faol's Signet of Cleansing]+59--7Hellfire Ramparts (heroic) - Omor the Unscarred
[Signet of Unshakable Faith]+37+22+22-Karazhan - Moroes
[Aran's Soothing Sapphire]+51+22-8Karazhan - Shade of Aran
[Voodoo Shaker]+55+20+25-

Badge of Justice Reward: 35 Badge of justice

[Talisman of the Sun King]+59+24-6The Eye - Al'ar
[Windcaller's Orb]+64+16+12-Cenarion Expedition - Exalted reward
[Touch of Inspiration]+64+21-12Black Temple - Reliquary of Souls
[Scepter of Purification]+77+17+25-Hyjal Summit - Archimonde


Item Effect Notes
[Harold's Rejuvenating Broach]Increases healing done by Rejuvenation by up to 86.Quest: The Ultimate Bloodsport
[Idol of the Emerald Queen]Increases the periodic healing of your Lifebloom by up to 88.Shadow Labyrinth - Ambassador Hellmaw
[Idol of the Raven Goddess]Increases the healing granted by the Tree of Life form aura by 44.Quest: Vanquish the Raven God
[Idol of the Avian Heart]Increases the amount healed by Healing Touch by 136.Karazhan - Moroes
[Idol of Budding Life]Reduces the mana cost of Rejuvenation by 36.G'eras - 20 Badge of justice
[Idol of the Crescent Goddess]Reduces the mana cost of Regrowth by 33.Serpentshrine Cavern - Hydross the Unstable


Slot Name Effect Notes
Head[Glyph of Renewal]+35 Healing, +7 Mp5Honor Hold/Thrallmar: Revered
Shoulder[Greater Inscription of Faith]+33 Healing, +4 Mp5The Aldor: Exalted
Shoulder[Inscription of Faith]+29 HealingThe Aldor: Honored
Shoulder[Greater Inscription of the Oracle]+22 Healing, +6 Mp5The Scryers: Exalted
Shoulder[Inscription of the Oracle]+5 Mp5The Scryers: Honored
BackEnchant Cloak - Subtlety-2% ThreatHonor Hold/Thrallmar: Exalted
ChestEnchant Chest - Major Spirit+15 Spirit
ChestEnchant Chest - Restore Mana Prime+6 Mp5
WristEnchant Bracer - Restore Mana Prime+6 Mp5
WristEnchant Bracer - Superior Healing+30 Healing
HandsEnchant Gloves - Major Healing+35 Healing
Legs[Golden Spellthread]+66 Healing, +20 StaminaTailoring: The Aldor: Exalted
Legs[Silver Spellthread]+46 Healing, +15 StaminaTailoring: The Aldor: Honored
FeetEnchant Boots - Vitality+4 Mp5, +4 Hp5World Drop
FingerEnchant Ring - Healing Power+20 HealingEnchanters only
WeaponEnchant Weapon - Major Healing+81 Healing
WeaponEnchant Weapon - Spellsurge3% chance on spellcast to restore 100 mana to all party members over 10 seconds.


Red, match UI-EmptySocket-Red red sockets. Yellow, match UI-EmptySocket-Yellow yellow sockets. Blue, match UI-EmptySocket-Blue blue sockets.
Gem Effects Gem Effects Gem Effects Gem Effects
[Teardrop Tourmaline] +9 Healing [Brilliant Amber] +4 Intellect [Lustrous Zircon] +1 Mana every 5 sec [Sparkling Zircon] +4 Spirit
[Teardrop Blood Garnet] +13 Healing [Brilliant Golden Draenite] +6 Intellect [Lustrous Azure Moonstone] +2 Mana every 5 sec [Sparkling Azure Moonstone] +6 Spirit
[Teardrop Living Ruby] +18 Healing [Brilliant Dawnstone] +8 Intellect [Lustrous Star of Elune] +3 Mana every 5 sec [Sparkling Star of Elune] +8 Spirit
[Teardrop Crimson Spinel] +22 Healing [Brilliant Lionseye] +10 Intellect [Lustrous Empyrean Sapphire] +4 Mana every 5 sec [Sparkling Empyrean Sapphire] +10 Spirit

Orange, match UI-EmptySocket-Yellow yellow or UI-EmptySocket-Red red sockets.
Gem Effects Gem Effects
[Luminous Flame Spessarite] +7 Healing +3 Intellect [Iridescent Fire Opal] +11 Healing +4 Spell Crit Rating
[Luminous Noble Topaz] +9 Healing +4 Intellect [Durable Fire Opal] +11 Healing +4 Resilience Rating
[Luminous Fire Opal] +11 Healing +4 Intellect
[Luminous Pyrestone] +11 Healing +5 Intellect

Green, match UI-EmptySocket-Yellow yellow or UI-EmptySocket-Blue blue sockets.
Gem Effects Gem Effects
[Dazzling Deep Peridot] +3 Intellect 1 Mana every 5 sec [Lambent Chrysoprase] +5 Spell Hit Rating 2 Mana every 5 sec
[Dazzling Talasite] +4 Intellect 2 Mana every 5 sec [Rune Covered Chrysoprase] +5 Spell Crit Rating 2 Mana every 5 sec
[Dazzling Chrysoprase] +5 Intellect 2 Mana every 5 sec [Effulgent Chrysoprase] +5 Defense Rating 2 Mana every 5 sec
[Dazzling Seaspray Emerald] +5 Intellect 2 Mana every 5 sec [Sundered Chrysoprase] +5 Crit Rating 2 Mana every 5 sec
[Unstable Peridot] +4 Intellect +6 Stamina [Seer's Chrysoprase] +4 Intellect +5 Spirit
[Timeless Chrysoprase] +5 Intellect +6 Stamina

Purple, match UI-EmptySocket-Red red or UI-EmptySocket-Blue blue sockets.
Gem Effects Gem Effects
[Royal Shadow Draenite] +7 Healing +1 Mana every 5 sec [Purified Jaggal Pearl] +7 Healing +3 Spirit
[Royal Nightseye] +9 Healing +2 Mana every 5 sec [Unstable Sapphire] +9 Healing +4 Spirit
[Royal Tanzanite] +11 Healing +2 Mana every 5 sec [Purified Shadow Pearl] +9 Healing +4 Spirit
[Royal Shadowsong Amethyst] +11 Healing +2 Mana every 5 sec [Imperial Tanzanite] +9 Healing +5 Spirit
[Blessed Tanzanite] +11 Healing +6 Stamina [Soothing Amethyst] +11 Healing +6 Stamina

Meta, match UI-EmptySocket-Meta meta sockets.
Gem Effects Requirements
[Mystical Skyfire Diamond] +15% on spellcast - next spell 50% casting timeRequires more Blue gems than Yellow gems
[Insightful Earthstorm Diamond]+12 Intellect Chance to restore mana on spellcastRequires at least 2 Red gems, 2 Blue gems, 2 Yellow gems
[Powerful Earthstorm Diamond]+18 Stamina5% stun resistRequires at least 3 Blue gems
[Bracing Earthstorm Diamond]+26 Healing Spells2% Reduced ThreatRequires more Red gems than Blue gems
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