This article or section contains lore taken from Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, the manuals, and official bonus maps.
Sacred Tree Shrine

The Azure Glade had a shrine at the foot of a World Tree.

In the official Blizzard scenario map for Warcraft III called Azure Tower Defense;

Cruel magic has demented this forest's denizens beyond any hope of healing. Now they attack the World Tree, hoping to corrupt it in the misguided belief that it will end their agony. Protect the Tree from their onslaught.
- The Frozen Throne

In the Azure Glade, there lived a group of heroes who protected a World Tree called the Great Tree of Life against an invasion by the forces of Mnesthes. Their knowledge of towers were so vast that they were able to repel the invaders with towers alone. After holding back the many forces of Mnesthes, it lead to the final battle with Mnesthes' lieutenants, The Pale Grim, Aether Shaitans, and Slogra. After they were defeated, Mnesthes tried to attack alone by splitting into avatars of himself. The heroes defeated them saving the Great Tree of Life from being corrupted by the vile hordes of Mnesthes.

D'vorjakque is the Emperor Sorcerer of these lands and a supremely powerful wizard at the paragon of the arcane arts.

Tower BuildersEdit

  • Azure Wisp: The most basic builder. Constructs towers that shoot weak arrows or slightly stronger hammers.
  • Malachite Shaman: Builds poison towers that slow down enemy units and gas bomb towers that do explosive damage. Both towers can be upgraded to stronger versions.
  • Crimson Warlock: Builds fire-based towers, which have a short range but deal damage over a large area.
  • Ice Apparition: Builds ice-based towers, which can easily slow down the advancing waves of monsters.
  • Emissary of Thunder: Builds lightning towers, which have a long range and are able to stun enemy units.
  • Crystal Cardinal: Builds detector towers (the only means to stop invisible monsters and bosses) as well as Astral Zeniths, which are the most powerful towers, dealing thousands of chaos damage.


"I am Mnesthes, the omnipotent God of the Aether, Behold ye me now and tremble. Behold ye now and despair! You have destroyed my army! My precious bearers of chaos and corruption. You have profaned the Nirvana of Desecration! The time has come for me to personally complete this task. Before my power, all will fall! All will be tainted with the infernal blessings of Destruction! Ye have defeated my minions! Damn ye! But can you defeat me?"

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