Azshara Crater was planned as a future Battleground located in Azshara. It was likely to be in southern Azshara, in the Forlorn Ridge. It was intended to work in a similar fashion to Alterac Valley.

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Future battlegrounds/PVP

Azshara Crater
Why release Azshara Crater now? Well, for one, it contains Blood Elves buildings. Also it could be a good place to introduce a RTS based battlegrounds (build buildings and such, then duke it out).

Battleground entrances have already been placed within the zone, with the Alliance entrance on the south side of Forlorn Ridge, and the Horde entrance on the north side of Forlorn Ridge. They are currently inactive, as the Battleground itself has not been implemented, though the battleground itself exists in the game files.

As for the goals of the battlefield, they are currently unknown.

Current status

It is assumed that Azshara Crater was put on hold because of difficulties balancing Alterac Valley. Now that the Valley appears to be at a point that the developers are more or less happy with, it's possible, but unlikely, that Azshara Crater may be worked on once again.[citation needed]

At Blizzcon 2007, it was stated during an Q&A question that they have not decided if the Azshara crater battlefield will be added. Developers stated that balancing Alterac Valley was a higher priority. A date was not given for the possible addition of the battleground.[citation needed]

In interviews, Jeff Kaplan confirmed that Azshara crater would not be included in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. Blizzard has acknowledged that they might return to work on further developing the battleground.

MP: We've heard rumors about a battleground in Azshara, is it still on the table?
Tigole: We have worked on an Azshara battleground very early in WoW's development. At the same time we were building Alterac Valley we were starting production on a zone called Azshara crater which was in the mountain in Azshara. We halted development of that and we might go back to that at a future date, but we're currently putting that one on hold.[1]

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

Cataclysm-Logo-Small This section concerns content exclusive to Cataclysm.

Since this is going to be a new low level zone for Goblin (playable) it is likely that the Battleground will never be added. This is because the goblins are supposed to have destroyed the crater to build a new city.


  • Mention of Azshara Crater happened as early as Patch 1.3 (released 7 March 2005), but it was apparently never turned on in any PTR.
  • A few official mentions occurred in early[2] and late[1] 2007, but there has been effectively no news since.


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