This is a listing of all Azeroth fish introduced with the initial WoW Icon 16x16 World of Warcraft release and subsequent expansions.

Azeroth fishing Edit

These are the details on how to catch Azeroth fish (techinically Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor fish). The skill listed is the minimum amount of fishing skill (lures included) needed to cast in these waters. The "cap" is the amount of fishing skill needed to keep the fish from getting away. For fish that can be caught in multiple zones, the lowest zone is listed for the minimum skill and a range is listed for the cap due to it varying by zone. Almost all fish can be found in open water, but some fish concentrate into Schools of Fish within fishing pools, which are also listed.

Terrain Edit

Types of fishing terrain or areas can be defined as such:

  • Coastal - These fish can only be found on the coast of the sea, such as the Forbidding Sea.
  • Inland - These fish are found in lakes, rivers, streams, or waterfalls.
  • Urban - These fish can only be caught in a cityscape and cannot be found out in the wild.

Fish Skill Cap Zone to Catch School Area ilvl Notes
[Raw Brilliant Smallfish] 5
[Raw Slitherskin Mackerel] 5
[Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper] 15
[Raw Loch Frenzy] 15
[Oily Blackmouth] 15
[Raw Rainbow Fin Albacore] 15
[Raw Sagefish] 20
[Raw Bristle Whisker Catfish] 25
[Firefin Snapper] 25
[Raw Rockscale Cod] 35
[Raw Greater Sagefish] 40
[Raw Spotted Yellowtail] 45
[Stonescale Eel] 45
[Raw Glossy Mightfish] 45
[Raw Summer Bass] 45
[Lightning Eel] 45
[Raw Redgill] 45
[Raw Nightfin Snapper] 45
[Raw Sunscale Salmon] 45
[Raw Whitescale Salmon] 55

Fish Skill Cap Zone to Catch School Area ilvl Notes
[Crawler Claw] 13
[Murloc Fin] 16
[Winter Squid] 35
[Big-Mouth Clam] 40
[Darkclaw Lobster] 55

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