Axtroz, with a dragonkin for scale

Axtroz is a level 62 elite red drake that guards the first inner gate of the valley leading to the gates of Grim Batol in the Wetlands. Emberstrife in Dustwallow Marsh would like Axtroz's skull.




This dragon hits you with 1000 to 1100 physical damage. Another thing that you have to watch out for is his DoT (Damage Over Time). It's called Vicious Rend and hits you with 350 to 400 physical damage every second. His third ability is called Axtroz's Flame Breath, which hits you with up to 900 fire damage, and his fourth ability is Fireball, which hits for up to 800 fire damage.

  • Hits for 1000 to 1100 physical damage
  • Has DoT Vicious Rend - 350 to 400 every second
  • Flame Breath - up to 900 fire damage
  • Fireball - up to 800 fire damage

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