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Athair is a white stag located in Drustvar, just southwest of Fallhaven. Athair was befriended by Arom Waycrest during the war against the drust around 2,700 years ago. Arom saved Athair from a drust attack, and later Athair would do the same to Arom. After the battle Athair told Arom that he was repaying the kindness shown to him, and that as long as he exists he shall protect the people of Drustvar should they come to him. Ever since then, the valiant and true have found shelter with the White Stag of the forest.[1]

He is sometimes accompanied by a doe named Athainne, Secret Keeper of the Forest.


<Athair regards you steadily.>


<Athair regards you warmly.>


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Athair's title "Heart of the Forest", ability to speak, and his longevity since he can still be found in Drustvar today thousands of years after befriending Arom, may mean he is a Wild God. Furthermore, Ulfar (who Athair's companion Athainne can sometimes be found with) says that the magic of Drustvar has come to inhabit some of the animals of the land, who are powerful manifestations of nature to be respected.[2]

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