The Atal'ai Exile is a level 45 quest giver located in the southeastern corner of Shadra'Alor in the contested territory of the Hinterlands. He is a troll priest originally from the Swamp of Sorrows that has been banished from the Atal'ai tribe for questioning the leadership of Jammal'an the Prophet and the decision to attempt to summon Hakkar the Soulflayer. After fleeing the Swamp, he has taken refuge with the Witherbark tribe at Shadra'Alor.

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He started the following quests before Cataclysm-Logo-Small Cataclysm:

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  • One interesting thing to note is that, unlike most (if not all) trolls, this NPC doesn't speak with the familiar troll accent. The quests he offers are all presented in flawless and pretty refined English, as opposed to the quests given by, for example, Chronicler Bah'Kini in Zul'Drak.

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