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Aszune[1], the night elf princess, long ago mocked the wisdom of the Oracle. As punishment for her insolence, she was transformed into a statue of living stone, guarding the passage to the Oracle's dwelling place.

When Thrall happened upon the statue during the Third War, the voice of Aszune spoke in his mind, and she told him that she would not rest until her heart was returned to her.

Thrall found the heart in the possession of a red dragon. The dragon was under attack by harpies, and Thrall retrieved the heart and gave it to Aszune. With this act, he ended the curse, allowing her spirit rest, and also gained access to the Oracle.[2]

The essence of Aszune's heart had come, through unknown means, into the hands of the Kirin Tor of Dalaran. They locked it away in the dungeons beneath the city, where it was eventually found by Lady Vashj.[3]


  • "I am Aszune, ancient princess of the Moon Children. None may pass until my heart is returned to me."


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Nothing is known about Aszune beyond the information revealed in the above missions of Warcraft III. Her title suggests she might be related to Queen Azshara, but no information has been established. She makes no appearance in any document pertaining to the War of the Ancients, so whenever she was imprisoned, it was likely some time before the war, as no "princesses" or relations of Azshara would have gone undocumented afterward. Though, there are a few obscure highborne princes in World of Warcraft. Her name appears to be somewhat similar to Queen Azshara's.


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