Astrid Langstrump is a little human (worgen?) girl at Howling Oak in Darnassus who sells Gilneas reputation or worgen racial horse mounts.

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Likely these mounts require exalted with Gilneas, if the buyer is not worgen.

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  • If your reputation was high with the other 5 Alliance factions it will be high with worgen without needing to do additional quests. If you had Money achievement Ambassador of the Alliance achievement prior to {{Cata-inline} Cataclysm then you will already be exalted with the worgen.[citation needed] Same with goblin and Horde factions.[citation needed]

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  • Her name (and appearance) is a reference to the Swedish children's book author Astrid Lindgren and her character Pippi Langstrump (Longstocking).
  • In the Brazilian version of World of Warcraft, she has the name "Astrid Meialonga".[1] "Meialonga" means "longstocking" in Portuguese.[2]

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