Astarii Starseeker is a level 60 priest trainer located in The Temple of the Moon in the night elf city of Darnassus. For those characters who have reached level 110, she is one of the night elves who fell during the War of the Thorns.

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Astarii is portrayed as a kind, soft spoken, and openhearted priestess living within Darnassus, as well as a friend and the "favorite" of Mia Greymane. When it becomes apparent the Horde are pressing towards Teldrassil, she is instrumental in helping her fellow night elves escape to Stormwind City via the portals in the Temple of the Moon. She and Mia stand side-by-side as the usher refugees to safety, Astarii gently offering her concern that Mia has ignored the pleas of her husband, Genn Greymane, to escape.

As Teldrassil was set ablaze, she attempted to urge Mia much more strongly to flee, but it was too late as portions of the Temple came down around them. When Genn Greymane himself appeared, it was Astarii who helped lead him to his injured wife so he could take her to safety.

Genn ended up being the last to escape Teldrassil. Astarii, left behind with the remains of the night elven people, knew they could no longer leave to safety. With her other priestesses, she reached out and prayed to Elune to grant them a peaceful death. In her final moments, Elune did just that, forcing the night elves into a deep, peaceful sleep before the flames overtook them.


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