Assistant Greely is a goblin who is presumably the assistant of Hobart Grapplehammer. She is first encountered with him at the KTC Headquarters[56.8, 76.9]
in Kezan, but then is later a quest giver at multiple locations in the Lost Isles and finally at the Southern Rocketway Terminus[50.4, 74.2]
in Azshara.


Town-In-A-Box[45.4, 65.4]
, Lost Isles
Lost Peak[51.8, 46.9]
, Lost Isles
Gallywix Labor Mine[54.2, 36]
, Lost Isles
Bilgewater Lumber Yard[54.5, 17.1]
, Lost Isles


Hobart Grapplehammer says: Greely, you're not randomly firing that thing into Bilgewater Port, are you?
Assistant Greely says: No.
Assistant Greely says: Maybe.
Assistant Greely says: A little.


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