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The Ashvane Trading Company (or simply Ashvane Company)[1][2] is a shipping and manufacturing company based out of Boralus and owned by House Ashvane. Rumors around the Kul Tiran capital suggest this imposing company to be a front for a more sinister criminal empire.[citation needed] Most people working for the Ashvane Trading Company either don't know how rotten they are, or don't have any other choice.[3] The Company has created weapons of Azerite.

Some time ago, Ashvane bought the prison of Tol Dagor. It used to be a real prison, but now it is Priscilla Ashvane's own personal fortress with scumbags on both sides of the bars.[4]

Beyond Kul Tiras, the Ashvane Company also has a presence in Vol'dun, mining Azerite at Redrock Harbor and the Ashvane Encampment.

Notes & triviaEdit

  • In the early A Nation Divided said that Ashvane controls the nation's wealth and has steadily amassed power over the years since Daelin Proudmoore's passing, and that the Ashvane Company holds almost all of the official state contracts for trade and manufacturing; pretty much everybody works for them in one way or another, even the gangs.
  • "The Ambassador" is a heavy cannon that was designed and forged by the Company. It fired nearly two thousand rounds during the Second War.


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