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  • Artifact Knowledge
  • "Increases the rate at which you gain Artifact Power."

Artifact Knowledge is the name for a hidden currency and catchup mechanism for Artifact Weapons that adjusts the rate of Artifact Power gain. It does not begin to have any effect until level 110.

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Based on an extensive comment by Voxxel in the Wowhead comments:[1]

  • 25 levels of Knowledge that you can research, each level adds a specific multiplier to your Artifact Power gains.
  • Start with Hitting the Books at level 110 in your Order Hall which begins the process of starting Artifact Knowledge Work Orders.
  • Each Work Order costs 500 Inv orderhall orderresources [Order Resources] and produces Artifact Research Notes.
    • The first work order for Artifact Research Notes takes 5 days to complete. The required time changes proportionally, based on how far the character is in the research progress and how much time passed since the launch of Legion-Logo-Small Legion. The exact numbers of this catch-up system are not known.
  • Using an increases your Artifact Knowledge (and level which increases Artifact Power gains)
    • With each used you advance in presentations from an Artifact lore book which tells more history of your Artifact Weapon.

Notes Edit

  • The bonus is NOT-RETROACTIVE, Artifact Power adding items you have already acquired will not change. You still receive the preceding Artifact Power values from items you acquired prior to learning the Artifact Research Notes.[1]
    • For the reason above, stockpiling Artifact Power items is absolutely pointless.[1]
  • The Artifact Knowledge / Artifact Power bonus is not account-wide, you have to progress it for every character individually.[1]
  • Power items so you'll see the increased amount of Artifact Power on them even before you obtain the items. Example:

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