Arred is a level 50 jewelcrafting vendor located in the Crystal Hall in the draenei capital of the Exodar.

See List of the Exodar NPCs.

In addition to the various designs and parts, he also sells the following common rings:

Name iLvl Slot Cost
Inv jewelry ring 05.png [Cubic Zirconia Ring] 20 Finger 5g
Inv jewelry ring 10.png [Flawless Diamond Solitaire] 50 Finger 50g
Inv jewelry ring 07.png [Miniscule Diamond Ring] 40 Finger 25g
Inv jewelry ring 12.png [Mood Ring] 10 Finger 1g
Inv belt 33.png [Silver Piffeny Band] 30 Finger 10g
Inv jewelry ring 31.png [The Rock] 60 Finger 100g

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