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Arom Waycrest was the leader of the human settlers of Kul Tiras in the war against the native Drust thousands of years ago. He became the first Lord of Drustvar.[1] Arom was the one to defeat Gorak Tul, the drust king. He befriended Athair, a white stag.


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The drust war began when humans started to settle on the land of Drustvar. Little did they know that the land was already occupied by humanoid creatures known as drust. Despite the human's intention of living in harmony with them, the drust would not have it. The large humanoids attacked the human settlements and drove them away. It wasn't until the Order of Embers was born that counter attacks began.

Arom appeared at an unknown time in the war. Starting out as Colonel, his story began during the war when he met the white stag, Athair. He found the stag injured after it fought several drust. Despite being in need of food, Arom instead chose to heal it, thinking that someone who can fight the drust is someone worth saving. Once healed, the stag returned to the woods and Arom and his men made camp for the day. That very night, they were attacked by the drust. Despite their best effort, Arom knew he couldn't win. All of a sudden, the stag he saved rushed in and helped Arom take care of his attackers. Arom thanked the stag and was utterly shocked when the stag responded with words, saying that he was simply repaying Arom's kindness. Athair vowed to protect Drustvar's people should they come to him, for as long as he exists. Afterward, the stag disappeared in the woods again and any valiant and true soul who wanders the woods may find shelter with the stag.[2]

He is the one who led the final assault against the drust. With his men pushing back against the drust constructs, they would make the final push on Gol Osigr. Arom saw their leader, Gorak Tul, and rushed him as fast as he could. With one stab, the drust king's armies faltered at once.[3][4]

From this victory, Arom was promoted to Lord and became patriarch of House Waycrest. He would eventually pass on, but his descendants would live in fame and power for a thousand years to come. A statue of Arom can be found standing vigil in the town of Arom's Stand.[1]

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