Arngrim the Insatiable is an ice giant quest giver at Dun Niffelem in the Storm Peaks [66, 60]

Arngrim had been the King of the ice giants and leader of the Sons of Hodir when Thorim suddenly turned on them, deceived by his treacherous brother, Loken. In a fit of rage, Thorim threw his hammer, Krolmir, causing a massive explosion that created the scene known today as Thunderfall. In his last act (presumably before his death), Arngrim cast a rune on the hammer, preventing anyone from claiming it. After he died, he was succeeded by Jokkum, who would later lead the Sons of Hodir to restore their links with Thorim.

Even in death, Arngrim's appetites were legendary; it was said that there was nothing he would not eat. In Neutral 15 [80 Daily] Feeding Arngrim, players must find a way to feed the King's eternally hungering spirit. This daily is the only way to get the Ghost Worm, a rare skin that is see-through. A hunter must do this quest in order to summon said worms.


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