Arnak Grimtotem is a level 43 Elite named tauren found near Darkcloud Pinnacle in Thousand Needles. To reach him, take the rope bridge on Darkcloud Pinnacle north toward the cliff wall near Razorfen Downs; he is guarded by two Grimtotem Stompers.

This outcast once served as the leader of Darkcloud Pinnacle. Supposedly he is Magatha’s nephew, but she disowned him when word of his “indiscretions” (kidnapping and murder) leaked out. Now he’s a fugitive wanted by the tauren. The Grimtotems of Darkcloud Pinnacle know exactly where Arnak is and deliberately hide him. They consider him a great leader and hate the other tauren for hunting him. Its unclear how Magatha feels about this; one camp says that she knows all about Arnak’s murderous tendencies and encourages them, the other says that Magatha’s furious at Arnak’s lack of discretion and wants him dead.[1] (HPG 163, 164)

Arnak's death is the objective of the quest Grimtotem Chiefs: Arnak Grimtotem. While fighting him, he calls on help from two other Grimtotem Stompers and, after a short while, two Grimtotem Reapers.

Objective of

His death is the objective of the Grimtotem Chiefs: Arnak Grimtotem quest.

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