The first augment a player is likely to encounter are leathercrafter's armor kits. These kits range in level, mostly providing a simple armor boost at lower levels. Higher level kits grant stats often sought out by many classes, and spell resistances. In most cases kits can be applied to gloves, leggings, boots or chest armor.

Like other augments these will overwrite an existing permanent enchant or augment, and will be overwritten if another augment or enchant is applied to the item.

Armor kits have both a player level requirement for use, and an item level requirement for application. This prevents a high-level player from applying a high level kit to a low level item, and then giving that item to a player who would not have been able to use the kit.

Name Level Stats
[Light Armor Kit] 0 +8 Armor
[Medium Armor Kit] 5 +16 Armor
[Heavy Armor Kit] 20 +24 Armor
[Thick Armor Kit] 30 +32 Armor
[Rugged Armor Kit] 40 +40 Armor
[Core Armor Kit] 50 +5 Dodge Rating
Bc icon[Knothide Armor Kit] 50 +8 Stamina
Bc icon[Magister's Armor Kit] 55 +3 mana every 5 sec
Bc icon[Vindicator's Armor Kit] 55 +8 Dodge Rating
Bc icon[Heavy Knothide Armor Kit]* 60 +10 Stamina
Bc icon[Clefthide Leg Armor] ** 60 +30 Stamina +10 Agility
Bc icon[Nethercleft Leg Armor] ** 60 +40 Stamina +12 Agility
Bc icon[Cobrahide Leg Armor] ** 60 +40 Attack Power +10 Critical Rating
Bc icon[Nethercobra Leg Armor] ** 60 +50 Attack Power +12 Critical Rating
Bc icon[Glove Reinforcements]*** 60 +240 Armor
Bc icon[Arcane Armor Kit] 65 +8 Arcane Resistance
Bc icon[Flame Armor Kit] 65 +8 Fire Resistance
Bc icon[Frost Armor Kit] 65 +8 Frost Resistance
Bc icon[Nature Armor Kit] 65 +8 Nature Resistance
Bc icon[Shadow Armor Kit] 65 +8 Shadow Resistance
Wrath-Logo-Small[Borean Armor Kit] 70 +12 Stamina
Wrath-Logo-Small[Heavy Borean Armor Kit] * 70 +18 Stamina
Wrath-Logo-Small[Nerubian Leg Armor] ** 70 +55 Attack Power +15 Critical Rating
Wrath-Logo-Small[Jormungar Leg Armor] ** 70 +45 Stamina +15 Agility
Wrath-Logo-Small[Icescale Leg Armor] ** 80 +75 Attack Power +22 Critical Rating
Wrath-Logo-Small[Frosthide Leg Armor] ** 80 +55 Stamina +22 Agility

* Heavy Knothide or Heavy Borean Armor Kits can also be applied to head and shoulder items.
** Leg armor can only be applied to leggings.
*** Glove Reinforcements can only be applied to gloves.
* Items tagged with Bc icon require The Burning Crusade to craft only. Items with level 60 or less requirements can still be used by non-BC players.

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