Arlon Surehoof is one of seven ghosts found wandering Darkmoon Island, encountered when players are in their spirit form after dying. She can be found on the middle level[69, 69]
of the eastern hills of the Island, reachable by climbing the Darkmoon Path and then heading east. Players must leap down to the middle level from the top. Speaking with her will reveal the following (requires multiple interactions):
I am to keep a close watch over the camp.
I don't know how long I've been watching over the camp...
These woods are dangerous. A lesson I learned the hard way.
Even death will not keep me from my duty to watch over the camp...

Arlon's story is arguably one of the most straightforward amongst the ghosts. She was watching the camp when she was killed, though it is unclear what she was killed by, given that there are few mobs on the island, and even those are neutral.

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