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{{lookingfor|the [[boss]] encounter, {{mob|boss=|Argus the Unmaker}}}}
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{{Infobox zone
|faction = Hostile
|name = Argus
|ss = Argus_7.2_Trailer.png
|type = World
|races = {{Race|Demon}}<br>{{Race|Eredar}}
|affiliation = [[Burning Legion]]
|languages = [[Eredun]]
|loc = [[Twisting Nether]] <small>(Formerly)</small><br>[[Great Dark Beyond]] <small>(Bordered near [[Azeroth (world)|Azeroth]])</small>
'''Argus''' is the [[fel]]-infused [[world]] of the [[eredar]], originally including the [[draenei]]. It is — or was — an arcane utopia where mages of the arcane divined the arcane secrets of the ordered universe. Its inhabitants were both vastly intelligent and highly gifted in magic. It had a society where art, science, magic and technology were all as one. Argus was ruled by a triumvirate of the greatest and most powerful eredar [[mage]]s: [[Kil'jaeden]], [[Archimonde]], and [[Velen]]. They ruled from [[Mac'Aree]] — the most sacred of the cities on Argus according to [[Jessera of Mac'Aree]].
[[File:Argus.png|thumb|294x294px|Offical image of Argus from Blizzcon 2016.]]
Eventually, Argus attracted the attention of [[Sargeras]]. The Destroyer offered the eredar a deal: in exchange for their loyalty, he would give them power undreamed of by all races. Kil'jaeden and Archimonde were quick to accept the offer, but Velen had a vision of the future: the eredar would be transformed into demons, under the rule of Sargeras. His advice to Kil'jaeden and Archimonde went unheeded, and he desperately sought a solution to this dilemma. Eventually, Velen was contacted by the [[naaru]], and he fled with his followers, renaming his people the draenei, or Exiled Ones.
Kil'jaeden, Archimonde, and the rest of their race became [[Man'ari Eredar|the feared, insidious sorcerers and tacticians]] of the [[Burning Legion]].
== History ==
=== In Rise of the Horde ===
It was unclear whether the world of Argus was destroyed by the eredar's sudden demonic powers (as implied by previous lore), or if it survived their transformation. It is thought that if Argus still exists, it is certainly a stronghold of the [[Burning Legion]], possibly their seat of power. ''[[Rise of the Horde]]'' leans towards this interpretation, though nothing is explicitly stated.
=== In Illidan ===
It is revealed in ''[[World of Warcraft: Illidan]]'', that Argus is in fact intact, and is the "beating heart" of the Legion's forces with all its greatest commanders and Kil'jaeden using it as his seat of power. The entire world has been corrupted into a shadowy version of what it once was. The machines that originally were used to send out peaceful and healing waves of magic over the surface, have been inverted to spread fear, depression, and panic. The capital city of the planet which is unnamed is the current seat of Kil'jaeden and is perhaps one of the most magically protected locations in the universe, with Kil'jaeden himself presiding over the Burning Legion from the palace throne.
=== In Legion ===
It is revealed that Argus is in fact still in existence (although fel-wreathed and shattered) and is the seat of power for the Burning Legion. This is supported with the Warlock class quest which leads you to try and empower the already looming portal on the [[Broken Shore]] with {{altchar|Gul'dan}} himself stating he was going to Argus to fortify it on the other side.
==== Tomb of Sargeras ====
Upon the release of [[Tomb_of_Sargeras_(raid)|Tomb of Sargeras raid]], [[Illidan]], after defeating Kil'Jaeden, uses a demonic portal key to open a rift between Argus and Azeroth. Khadgar then teleports party members off of Kil'Jaeden's fel ship and back to the Broken Isles. The teleportation is successful, but once [[Khadgar]] looks up at the sky, he comes to the realization that not only has the party been teleported back to Azeroth, but that the rift was not temporary and continued to grow larger. This was a deliberate action by Illidan who sought to hasten his crusade against the Legion by bringing the fight to them.<ref name="wowheadnewsArgusToS">{{ref web|work=[[Wowhead]] News|url=|title=Argus and Kil'jaeden's Defeat|author=[ perculia]|date=20-Jun-2017 4:05 PM}}</ref>
==== Resistance on Argus ====
One of the Burning Legion's main capital worlds that was once aligned with the Twisting Nether, the planet is now largely visible in the sky and much closer to Azeroth. It also contained a [[World-soul]] called [[Argus the Unmaker]], in which the Legion's forces were torturing the titan. A group of [[broken]] holdouts who call themselves the [[krokul]] have settlements in the [[Krokuun]] fragment
== Geography ==
[[File:Argus.jpg|thumb|An [[Eredar]] on Argus]]
It seemed to have many mountains, [[Kaarinos]] for example. The mountainous landscape is mentioned by [[Valok the Righteous]] and [[Anchorite Tessa]]. The capital city is [[Mac'Aree]].
Much of what remains of Argus will appear in [[Patch 7.3]]. Initial maps on the [[PTR]] suggest three fragments of Argus will be explorable.<ref>[[:File:Argus_map-build_24539.jpg]]</ref> The first fragment encountered is called [[Krokuun]], the second [[Mac'Aree]],<ref></ref>, and the third [[Antoran Wastes]] which appears to be the zone surrounding the [[raid]], [[Antorus, the Burning Throne]].<ref name="build24473">{{ref web|work=Official 7.3.0 PTR Feedback forum (US)|url=|title=7.3 PTR Development Notes - Build 24473|author={{blizz}} [[Josh Allen|Lore]]|date=29-Jun-2017 12:10 AM}}</ref><ref name="wowheadAntorusWastes"></ref> The only other instance announced so far is the dungeon [[Seat of the Triumvirate]],<ref name="build24473" /> which also appears to be in the Antoran Wastes.<ref name="wowheadAntorusWastes" />
Views from the explorable fragments suggest that they are actually floating above the planet proper and that the bulk of what remains of Argus is not habitable.<ref>Other floating fragments seen from [[Mac'Aree]] - [[:File:Argus-MacAree_from_Vindicaar_viewport6.jpg]]; The shattered surface of Argus - [[:File:Remnants_of_Argus_from_southern_MacAree1.jpg]]</ref>
== In World of Warcraft ==
Some of Argus is available to explore in {{l-inline}} [[Patch 7.3]]. The three fragments represent almost a mini-expansion.
=== World bosses ===
As of PTR build 24473:<ref name="wowhead73PTR24473Preview">{{ref web|work=[[Wowhead]] News|url=|title=7.3 Argus Raid, Dungeon, and World Bosses Abilities and Loot Preview|author=[ perculia]|date-29-Jun-2017 3:34 AM}}</ref>
* {{mob|elite=|rare=|Inquisitor Percontatum}}
* {{mob|elite=|rare=|Mistress Alluradel}}
* {{mob|elite=|rare=|Ovetigo}}
* {{mob|elite=|rare=|Sotanathor}}
* {{mob|elite=|rare=|Matron Folnuna}}
* {{mob|elite=|rare=|Keeper Aedis}}
* {{mob|elite=|rare=|Void-Blade Zedaat}}
* {{mob|elite=|rare=|Pit Lord Vilemus}}
== Media ==
=== Images ===
<gallery captionalign="center" position="center">
File:Argus_isolated.jpg|Argus as seen during encounter with [[Xe'ra]]
File:Legionfall-Argus.jpg|Argus as shown by [[Kil'jaeden]] in Legionfall cinematic
File:Argus sky with Azeroth in view.jpg|From [[Patch 7.3]]
File:Azeroth seen from Argus.jpg|From [[Patch 7.3]]
|title={{text|yellow|Tomb of Sargeras spoilers}} &rarr;
<gallery captionalign="center" position="center">
File:Argus_seen_over_the_Tomb_of_Sargeras.jpg|After the defeat of Kil'jaeden at the Tomb of Sargeras
File:Argus over Dalaran.jpg
File:Argus over Orgrimmar.jpg
File:Argus over Thunder Bluff.jpg
File:Argus over Vale of Eternal Blossoms.jpg
File:Argus over Suramar City.jpg
;Scenery from Patch 7.3 PTR
<gallery caption="Views of Argus" captionalign="center" position="center">
File:Argus_Wastes_from_first_landing.jpg|Argus Wastes
File:Vindicaar_landing_viewport_view_of_Argus.jpg|''Vindicaar'' viewport view of [[Krokuun]]
File:Argus-Darkfall_Ridge.jpg|Darkfall Ridge
File:View_from_cliff_by_Seat_of_Annihilation.jpg|Seat of Annihilation cliff view
File:Argus-Shattered_Fields.jpg|Shattered Fields
File:Argus-lower_Nath%27raxas_Hold.jpg|Lower Nath'raxas Hold
File:View_from_upper_Xenedar2.jpg|View from upper ''Xenedar''
File:View_from_upper_Xenedar3.jpg|View from upper ''Xenedar'' with shadowed Azeroth
File:Argus-MacAree_from_Vindicaar_viewport2.jpg|''Vindicaar'' viewport view of [[Mac'Aree]] fragment
File:Argus-MacAree_from_Vindicaar_viewport3.jpg|''Vindicaar'' viewport different view of Mac'Aree fragment
File:Legion_ships_over_Argus.jpg|Legion ships over Argus
File:Remnants_of_Argus_from_southern_MacAree2.jpg|Remnants of Argus from Mac'Aree
File:Remnants_of_Argus_from_southern_MacAree4.jpg|More remnants of Argus from Mac'Aree
File:The_Twisting_Nether_overlooking_Argus-southwest_MacAree.jpg|Argus core planet from Mac'Aree
File:View_of_planet_Argus_from_Isolon-MacAree.jpg|Argus core planet from Isolon
File:View2_of_planet_Argus_from_Isolon-MacAree.jpg|Shifted view from Isolon
<gallery captionalign="center" hideaddbutton="true" position="center">
Argus screenshot.jpg
Argus screenshot 2.jpg
Argus screenshot 3.jpg
Argus screenshot 4.jpg
Argus screenshot 5.jpg
Argus screenshot 6.jpg
Argus screenshot 7.jpg
Argus screenshot 9.jpg
Argus screenshot 10.jpg
Argus screenshot 11.jpg
;Maps from Patch 7.3 PTR
<gallery captionalign="center" hideaddbutton="true" position="center">
File:Patch_7-3_broken_isles_with_argus_map_thumb.jpg|Argus from [[Broken Isles]]
File:WorldMap-Argus.jpg|Argus fragment overview map
File:WorldMap-ArgusSurface.jpg|[[Krokuun]] fragment
File:WorldMap-ArgusMacAree.jpg|[[Mac'Aree]] fragment
File:WorldMap-ArgusCore.jpg|[[Antoran Wastes]] fragment
File:Argus_map-build24608.jpg|Early Lightforged Beacon points and ''Vindicaar'' staging points
;Minimap stitches from Patch 7.3 PTR
<gallery captionalign="center" position="center">
File:Argus-minimap stitch.jpg|Where players first land?
File:ArgusCore-minimap stitch.jpg|[[Mac'Aree]] and surrounding areas?
File:ArgusDungeon-minimap stitch.jpg|[[Seat of the Triumvirate]]?
;Old PTR maps
<gallery captionalign="center" position="center">
File:WorldMap-ArgusM-build24781.jpg|Fragments in correct positions
File:WorldMap-Argus-build24727.jpg|Fragments in wrong positions
File:Argus_map-build_24539.jpg|Early lightforged beacon map
=== Videos ===
;Patch 7.3
<gallery captionalign="center" position="center">
|title={{text|yellow|Tomb of Sargeras spoilers}} &rarr;
<gallery captionalign="center" position="center" widths="480px">
|title=[[A Thousand Years of War|{{text|yellow|A Thousand Years of War}}]] &rarr;
<gallery captionalign="center" position="center">
File:A_Thousand_Years_of_War_-_Part_One_Two_Bright_Lights|''Audio only'' Part II - The ''Official'' Story of Alleria & Turalyon by [[Robert Brooks]]
== Notes ==
* As of [[Patch 7.3]], it is not clear if Argus has actually moved near to {{Azerothworld}} so it can be seen in the sky or if a massive portal rift opened the size of Argus or larger very near to Azeroth which makes it appear that Argus has moved so near.
== Trivia ==
[[File:Argus.JPG|thumb|Possible image of Argus from [[Sons of the Storm]].]]
*The word "Argus" is also present in ''[[w:c:starcraft:StarCraft: Brood War|StarCraft: Brood War]]'', another [[Blizzard Entertainment|Blizzard]] strategy game. The Argus Talisman grants Dark Archons more energy, the Argus Jewel does the same for Dark Templar Corsairs and the Argus Stone exists on Aridas{{fact}}. None of these entities or groups are related to the world of Argus (although the [[Argus Wake]] is loyal to the Burning Legion). It is not known what the name implies in relation to Blizzard's universes.
*{{wplink|Argus (disambiguation)|Argus or Argos}} (Greek: Άργος) is the name of several mythological figures, as well as one of the major cities of Bronze Age Greece.
== Patch changes ==
* {{Patch 7.3.0|note=Added.}}
== References ==
== See also ==
* {{L-inline}} [[Antoran Wastes]]
* {{L-inline}} [[Antorus, the Burning Throne]]
* {{L-inline}} [[Krokuun]]
* {{L-inline}} [[Mac'Aree]]
* [[Seal of Argus]]
* {{L-inline}} [[Seat of the Triumvirate]]
== External links ==
{{elink|type=wowinsider|link=|desc=Know Your Lore: Worlds lost, worlds unknown|bydate=by {{wowinsider|Matthew Rossi}} Jul 24th 2013 1:00PM}}
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{{elink|prefix={{text|yellow|Major Spoilers!}}|type=wowheadnews|link=|desc=Argus and Kil'jaeden's Defeat|bydate=by [ perculia] 2017/06/20 4:05 PM}}
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