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The World of Warcraft Arena Tournament (also called the "World of Warcraft Arena Pass") is a 3v3 Arena tourney taking place outside of the standard end-of-arena-season tournament on a special event realm where all PvE content has been disabled. It started in 2009 and occurred annually until the last one in 2013.[citation needed]

It appears that this event was replaced by a set of worldwide bracketed events culminating in the World of Warcraft Arena World Championship at BlizzCon starting in 2014.[citation needed]


Players are not allowed to copy characters to the event realm, but instead pay 15€ / £12.00 / $20.00 for access and are allowed to create three level 90 characters with free access to enchants, gear, gems, gold, and pets. All players randomly spawn in one of the Tournament-specific starting areas, instead of the standard eight race-based spawnpoints.

The Vanquisher title may be earned by placing in the top 1,000 overall teams[citation needed] for their live characters over level 71. Players who participate in at least 200 games during the tournament receive a [Murkimus the Gladiator] companion.

Note: A minimum of 200 legitimately played arena games on the same team is required for a tournament participant to be eligible for the title and pet.

A registration fee is required to participate.



  • Starts April 10, 2012.
    • Upgraded to level 90 as of October 9, 2012, but with no additional prizing.[2]
  • [Murkimus' Little Spear] for purchasing Arena Pass.
  • Chance to get <Vanquisher> title.
  • Receive access to a special level-90 realm with upgraded epic gear after they've upgraded their accounts with the upcoming Mists-Logo-Small Mists of Pandaria expansion.
    • Pandaren cannot be created on the Arena Pass realm.[2]


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