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Aredek, affectionately known as "Decky" or "Ducky", is a Blizzard employee who frequently used to post on the US World of Warcraft Customer Service Forum.

He was introduced in early 2008[1] and replaced Auryk on the nightshift. He eventually moved to the morning shift (7am – 4pm CDT), which he held for the remainder of his tenure as a Customer Service Forum representative, and Orlyia took over the night shift when she joined the team.

Belfaire often seemed jealous and intimidated by Aredek's purported "impressive facial hair".

On July 28th, 2010, Aredek resigned his position as a CS Forum representative. In his farewell thread, he announced that he would be moving to the Irvine, CA office to join former colleagues Syndri and Malkorix as they pursue new opportunities within the company.[2]


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