Arcturis is a level 74 spirit beast found in Grizzly Hills. He's one of the four Spirit Beasts known, and is the first Spirit Beast to have the look of a bear.


  • The name Arcturis is likely inspired by the name Arcturus, the name of the brightest star in the constellation Boötes, which in turn is derived from the Greek word άρκτος, meaning "bear".
    • Arcturus is also the name of a villain from Starcraft, Arcturus Mengsk


  • Despite being a rare creature, Arcturis is not on the list of creatures needed for the Achievement zone stormpeaks 03 [Northern Exposure] or the Achievement zone dragonblight 09 [Frostbitten] achievements. He was solely added as a hunter pet.
  • Arcturis is rumored to be on a 21 hour spawn timer that begins from time of kill/tame. This timer DOES reset with server downs and maintenance days.
    • Although, spawn times have been reported from as short of a time as 6 hours, to longer times, upwards of 72 hours.

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