Archivist Mechaton is a level 80 mechagnome summoned in the Inventor's Library[37, 46]
in the Storm Peaks using a [Charged Disk]. Mechaton is the guardian of Norgannon's Shell, but will only release it to Keeper Mimir.


  • Use of the Inventor's Disk detected. Emergency protocol gamma activated.
  • Verifying status of Norgannon's shell.
  • Norgannon's shell accounted for and secure. It will be available for transfer once user's identity has been verified.
  • Standby to verify identity as Keeper Mimir.
  • Identity verification failed. User is not Keeper Mimir.
  • The Inventor's Disk has fallen into the hands of an unauthorized user. Activating defense protocol.
  • Impostor must be dealt with. The Inventor's Disk must be recovered.

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Drops [Norgannon's Shell] for the quests:

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