The Archbishop is the leader of the Church of the Holy Light and thus an important member of the Alliance's leadership. The archbishop serves as an icon for anyone who is considered to be a follower of the Faith of the Holy Light. Upon the death of the archbishop, all bishops are required to attend a conclave where they will elect the new archbishop, much like the real world system of the Roman Catholic College of Cardinals and the pope. Although it is normal for one of the bishops to be elected, there are rare cases in which a priest can be elected, as was the case with the current Archbishop Benedictus.

There are only two archbishops of the Church that are presently mentioned: the current archbishop, Benedictus, and his predecessor, the well-renowned Archbishop Alonsus Faol, who led the Church through the hardships of the First and Second Wars.

The Scarlet Onslaught, formerly known as the Scarlet Crusade, also has an archbishop, perhaps made to rival Archbishop Benedictus himself.

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