The Arcane Pinnacle

The Arcane Pinnacle[56, 12]
is located in north-central Azshara upon its own mountaintop island. Upon the Pinnacle are several apprentices of Archmage Xylem. Several quests launch from this point, trials offered by the Archmage's image, which include the quests The Trial of Frost, The Trial of Fire, and The Trial of Shadow.

To reach the trials, one must first activate the crystals (Frost, Fire, and Shadow Portal Stones) near the portal. The portal will then activate and players may step through to reach each trial area. The portals are labeled (when hovering over them) "Icy Mortality", "Burning Determination", and "Grim Intention" (for the shadow trial). Players can return to the Pinnacle via portal.

To reach the Pinnacle itself, players can use the glowing circles of arcane energy that can be found winding around the ledges leading up to the top. Upon stepping into each "aura" players will be launched and must point themselves toward the next circle and so on. These are also part of the introductory quest to the Pinnacle, Watch Your Step.


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