Aradne is a Val'kyr who served the Scourge until the Lich King's death. During the drastic cataclysm, she and a number of Val'kyr were apparently freed from the Lich King's hold and went on to serve Horde Sylvanas Windrunner, leader of the Forsaken.


Along with Horde Agatha, Horde Arthura, and Horde Daschla, Aradne and the Val'kyr were sent to the Deathknell Graves in Tirisfal Glades and were tasked in resurrecting long dead corpses to serve "The Banshee Queen" and increase the Forsaken numbers in fighting the Alliance. Aradne was tasked in giving the gift of "new life" to the the newly risen. When the Gilnean Worgen rejoined the Alliance and battled the Forsaken, Aradne was ordered by Sylvanas to stay behind and continue raising newly-recruited Forsaken to serve in the front lines while Agatha, Arthura, and Daschla accompanied their queen to Silverpine Forest.

Later, Aradne travelled to the Western Plaguelands and helped the Forsaken in taking the city of Andorhal for their own. Following Sylvanas's command, Aradne led a number of val'kyr in helping the Forsaken battle Alliance forces and raise them from the grave to reinforce the Forsaken numbers. As the forsaken ultimately winning control of Andorhal, Aradne was killed by Alliance adventurers near the end of the battle.

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