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Aqual Quintessence is a unique quest reward that lets you douse the runes in the Molten Core.


Once you complete the quest Neutral 15 [60R] Hands of the Enemy, you can receive an Aqual Quintessence from Duke Hydraxis of the Hydraxian Waterlords in Azshara by talking to him.

Neutral 15 [55] Poisoned Water, one of the two quests which are a prerequisite to the Hands of the Enemy chain was removed after patch 3.0.8, and the Feat of Strength Spell frost summonwaterelemental 2 [The Fifth Element] was rewarded to players who had obtained an Aqual Quintessence; however, if you had obtained or completed the quest Poisoned Water (which along with Neutral 15 [57R] Stormers and Rumblers is a prerequisite to the quest chain) you may still obtain and complete Hands of the Enemy and get the Feat of Strength.


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