Apothecary Lysander is a Forsaken Apothecary who is based at the Horde camp, Vengeance Landing, which is in the Howling Fjord of Northrend.



Apothecary Ravien says: Reports from the test on the enemy fleet have come in, sir.
Apothecary Lysander says: Excellent. What's the lowdown? Do we have a bodycount?
Apothecary Ravien says: Well... the good news is that we forced the reinforcements to turn back.
Apothecary Lysander says: Well, spit it out! What's the bad news?
Apothecary Ravien says: The plague was not quite...fatal. However, reports of harmful effects include nausea, loss of equilibrium and severe stomach pain.
Apothecary Lysander says: Severe stomach pain?
Apothecary Lysander yells: SEVERE STOMACHE PAIN?
Apothecary Lysander says: We are the Royal Apothecary Society! Inducing belly aches is not part of our job description.
Apothecary Lysander says: Am I surrounded by amateurs? I want a full analysis of the new strain by tomorrow morning! Get on it, Ravien!
Apothecary Ravien says: Yes, sir.


His name and profession (the creation of various concoctions) may be a reference to the potion dealer of the same name in Lut Gholein in the second act of Diablo II.

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