Apothecary Berard is a level 16 worgen found in Pyrewood Village in Silverpine Forest. He guards a bookshelf containing Berard's Journal, the objective of Horde 15 [15] A Recipe For Death (2).


Prior to being cursed by Arugal, Berard was researching an ancient plague that killed off all the aquatic life in Lake Lordamere. He has been a Forsaken undead of the Royal Apothecary Society before he was cursed. This is unusual, as most cursed worgen were still-living humans.


Unlike the rest of the population of Pyrewood Village, he doesn't change form during daytime.


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It is possible that he is not at all infected with the worgen curse, but is simply transformed into a worgen and being controlled by Arugal, who demonstrates the power to do so in both his Shadowfang Keep and Grizzly Hills encounters.

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