Apothecary Azethen can be found in Falcon Watch of Hellfire Peninsula preforming tests on his prisoners.



"Befriending the Sunstriders has paid off; I get to conduct research with subjects I can only find in Outland and they get... my charming personality and rugged good looks."

After completing the quest
Apothecary Azethen says: ...a potent concoction!
Apothecary Azethen says: But where could I ever find a suitable test subject? (Laughs)
Apothecary Azethen says: Drink this, you blue brute! Disobey me and I promise you a slow, painful death!
Draenei Prisoner says: I pity you Forsaken, your soul is devoid of light. (Drinks the potion) (Dies)
Apothecary Azethen says: Hmm... looks like I'm going to need a new test subject.

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