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Anvilbeard is a poster for the European World of Warcraft community, normally encountered on the EU forums, specifically the English WoW forums.

All about Anvilbeard

Anvilbeard first became known as a presence on the EU Suggestion Forum, pioneering compilation and co-ordination threads, e.g., "The Defining Weather Thread", "The Dome" and "The Forum Suggestions Compilation Thread", the latter of which remains stickied in the Suggestion forum to date.

With the inevitable slow, painful death of the Suggestion forum, he migrated largely to the General and Off-topic forums (as did many others at the time) where he maintained a noticeable post count/frequency.

He also frequently posts in the Technical Support Forums, helping other players. A while ago he earned a commendation from TechLead.

At the time of the realm forums creation, he pioneered an effort to post a 'Realm Guide' in each, generally detailing information about the realm, forum, and attempting to create a guild list. Unfortunately, some were annoyed at this trespassing, and spammed the threads. Anvilbeard deleted the spammed threads, and left the constructive ones. Some still remain bumped by guilds, but very few are still stickied in their respective forums.

Over time his activity generally faded when compared to others such as the (in)famous Wormsborough, until a short while before the release of the first ever Warcraft Weekly, which debuted around the time of the release of Patch 1.6.0, where he once again began posting, answering tough questions and generally being a know-it-all. At present he seems to have toned down his number of posts, and when he does they tend to be in threads that involve a large number of trolls. He is quick to eat them when show themselves.

Was a former European forum MVP along with Schwick and Highlander.

Warcraft Weekly Archive


"This forum alt is being played by twenty Chinese children. One day I'll make it to Forum Rank 14"

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