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Every Warrior learns to hold his anger so that it can be unleashed when the cards are right. A master can make sure that, once the battle is over, the adrenaline keeps on flowing a bit longer. Just so the next opponent can be put in his place all the quicker.
Inreases the time taken for a [[Warrior|Warrior's]] [[rage]] to decay while out of combat by 33%.
The written description of this talent states that it reduces decay of rage while out of battle, but it has an exceptional undocumented side effect: while in combat, this talent will generate one rage per tick.
Prerequisites: Arms 10
The rate at which Anger Management gives you rage is 1 rage every 3 seconds (or 1 rage a tick). Since normally rage decays at a rate of 3 rage every 3 seconds, this achieves the stated effect while out of combat. However this rage is also generated while in combat; this means that if you are in combat for 60 seconds, Anger Management will give you 20 rage. In this regard, Anger Management is roughly equivalent to rank 2 [[Improved Berserker Rage]] which also gives the Warrior 20 rage every 60 seconds, plus the extra rage from being hit in combat. The difference between the two is that Berserker Rage can generate rage out of combat as well but can only be initiated in [[Berserker Stance]]. Another difference is that Anger Management is passive while Berserker Rage must be directly used.
In the upcoming talent tree revamp for [[The Burning Crusade]], the description has been changed to simply read "Generates 1 rage per 3 seconds."
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